What it takes to be a sports person:

Being a Sports Person – What it takes from your side and What it gives you :

It takes a lot of internal strength to be a sports person. Being into Competitive Sports means riding a roller coaster ride. You need to be ready for constant ups and downs. At one moment you may be enjoying the victory and the other moment you may be losing , with your rankings going down drastically.
Life Learning:
With constant ups and downs you learn to master the art of maintaining inner stability in chaos as is exhibited by a well-trained and experienced surfer who surfs efficiently and masters the waves and the currents of the sea.

You are required to follow strict discipline. Sports has lot to do with personal discipline. You need to follow strict training regime, mental discipline as well as diet discipline to be a successful sports person.
Life Learning:
You become a self disciplined person.

You need to train your mind away from all distractions. Distractions can be in the form of friends asking for your time to hang around, it can be in the form of opponents trying to pull you down, it can be in the form yearning for the free kind of life away from the busy training schedules occupying your personal time.
Life Learning:
As smaller ripples can not distract the main current of the river so the outside affects cannot distract you that easily from your main goals.

Sports is a field where in you need to manage your emotions .You simply cannot blurt out your emotional self before everyone and especially on the field. So you need to train to manage your emotions and not make a public show of them.
Life Learning:
You are able to manage your inner turmoil and emotions.

In case of team sports you are required to work with a team. You need to merge with the people of different temperaments and different working skills and yet are able to take them along for the larger benefit of the team as a whole.
Life Learning:
You develop team spirit and learn to work in a group. Human beings are in fact, social beings and team building helps you deal with human relationships in a better and matured way in your life.

Sports is like a meditation you do to reach the ultimate goal. Sports requires great and undeterred focus.
Life Learning:
You learn to remain focussed on your goals.

You need to have commitment and love for the sport you are into. Commitment helps to bring the best out of you within the scope of your limitations.
Life Learning:
Whatever task you take you learn to work in a committed way.

Mental toughness is required to succeed in sports. It could be a natural skill or honed up skill but it is a must.
Life Learning:
You learn to be mentally tough in life and small things or worries cannot stray you from your path that easily.


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