Volunteering – A way of learning

We may have chosen a field for ourselves. This may be the field of our interest and the field in which we think that we may be pursuing a career. Volunteering in one’s field of choice is a good way of learning skills. It’s like an on field training or research on real time basis.

One may think of volunteering to be an activity in which one has to input one’s energies and time without any tangible gains. But, we tend to forget at times that all our gains can’t be put on paper and can’t be put into the category of tangible gains. We can gain a lot in terms of experience and knowledge in our chosen field.

Real knowledge can be gained once we are on the field. When on field, we move away from books and theory into the real and practical world. Once we are on the field we get to know ins and outs of the field of our choice.
Volunteering our time and energy paves a way for gaining practical knowledge. Experience is considered to be great teacher in itself. So , it’s always good for us to volunteer some of our time in the field of our interest opening ourselves to vast sea of opportunities.

Look around a lot of opportunities are awaiting you .

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