Trusting our children helps . We need to have faith in our children.

It is said that when we trust our children an additional responsibility of doing right action comes on their shoulders.When we trust our children we place positive thoughts in their sub conscious minds – THE THOUGHTS OF FAITH , THE THOUGHTS OF RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR.

There is a famous story of two fathers whose children were playing on the terrace .While playing the children accidentally slipped and fell from the terrace . Both the children were lucky enough to catch hold of branches of a big tree that had grown below. On seeing this, both the fathers were perturbed.

One father shouted ,” Don’t fall ! Hold the branch tightly”.
Second father shouted , ” Hold the branch tightly”.

In the case of first father the child fell down because the first words and the thoughts that reached him were “Don’t fall”.

In the case of second father the child held the branch tightly and as a result did not fall . The reason being the first words that reached his ears were the positive thoughts and affirmative thoughts.

So, such is the affect of thoughts on individuals . When we trust, we send positive thoughts of trust and faith in our children . It becomes very tough for them to break that trust.
When we doubt our children , it means we don’t trust them we send those vibrations towards them and there is more likely hood of children doing something which is not right.

Note: There is a thin line between faith and blind faith.

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