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Motu Aur Patlu:


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Motu Aur Patlu is an animated cartoon broadcasted on Nickelodeon TV.
This is a pure Indian Style Comedy Series. Motu and Patlu are very close friends living in the town named Furfuri Nagar .They are in good terms with the police inspector named Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka who keeps on experimenting to invent something new and Ghasitaram. Motu is fond of eating especially the samosas. Both of them land up into awkward situations off and on due to their innocence. Motu is more stronger physically and Patlu is more brainy of the two . Both of them complement each other in problem solving and resolve their problems with the help of their friends Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram.
Remarks : This tele serial is adapted from famous Indian comic series Lotpot
Platinum Meter:
Genre : Entertainment
Ratings on Entertainment : 5/5
Language : Hindi
Profanity : 0/5
Directed By: Suhas Kadav
Suitability for age groups:
5 -12 years: Yes.
12-16 years : Yes .
16-20 years: Yes .
Above 20 years: Yes

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