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For education and learning we can use the medium of books , online medium or visual medium. Intelligent use of television can be a good source of learning and entertainment.

Badi Door Se Aaye Hain

Badi Door se Aaye Hain is a tele-serial broadcasted on SAB TV.

This tele-serial is pure light hearted comedy.

An alien family forms the center of the plot. The family descended on earth in search of their lost son 2015. The serial is about the humorous experiences by the alien family and by the people associated with this family , as the communication systems are totally different on our planet and the planet the alien family descends from.


Genre: Humor , Comedy
Ratings on Humor : 5/5
Language : Hindi
Profanity : 1/5
Running time: 30 minutes
Production Company : Hats off Productions
Produced By: Jamnadas Majethia , Aatish Kapadia
Suitability for age groups:
5 -12 years: Yes.
12-16 years : Yes .
16-20 years: Yes .
Above 20 years: Yes

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