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Meditation in Motion-Part 2


Yoga is another form of meditation in motion. It is a way of integrating mind ,body and soul.

Sitting and trying to meditate takes a lot time and practice. It is definitely possible and people have achieved it but , with great effort. Yoga is a easy way of focusing your mind first on asanas and slowly shifting attention to breath.

Studies show that regular yoga practice helps us to focus better, feel relaxed, increases our concentration and memory. Our mind is not cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, yoga helps in clearing way for better thinking .

You may notice that when you are tensed or angry or when your mind is very active, your breath is shorter. The essence of yoga is to concentrate on asanas and along with it move your attention and be aware of your breath. All asanas are associated with breathing sequences, each step is associated with a breathing pattern. So in yoga you move from physical asanas to subtle movements of breath and become aware of your breathing pattern. This leads to relaxation.

It is well known that no machine can work with hundred percent efficiency if it is working for twenty four hours round the clock. It needs rest. It needs time to cool down otherwise , it will break down and finish due to wear and tear. Same is the case with our fast paced lives. We need to do a lot. We need to achieve a lot .When we are in the state of activity or hyper-activity our brain waves move very fast. With all this running there is always an inner subtle urge for taking a break from all the activities.

We need to understand the importance of slowing down at times. We need to learn to slow down our brain activity as with that comes relaxation, clarity of thoughts and intuition (i.e. we are able to hear our inner voice clearly).

First, we slow down our physical body movements and then we slow down our breath which leads to slowing down of brain activity and this leads us to a state of bliss.

It is said that when we slow down our brain activity, it is only then we receive cosmic energy. Our thoughts are a blockage to reception of cosmic energy which is very much necessary for our well being.