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KAI PO CHE- Movie Review


Short story:

Movie is a flashback story about three friends, who are born and brought up together in a small neighbourhood of Gujarat . The three of them dream to do something big in their lives and make a mark for themselves in the society.All of the three friends are shown in the movie to be from very humble families. One of them, Ishaan (Sushant Singh Rajput), is shown to be a district level cricket player and is shown to be an angry young man. The second one of them Govind (Rajkumar Yadav) is shown to be serious , calculative and mature person. The third one of the three Omi (Amit Sadh) is the son of priest and is shown to be a very shy person with good family values. His maternal uncle is shown to be a politician and is always ready to help Omi.

The three of them take up a place on rent from Omi’s uncle to open up their sports shop plus training academy.It starts running. Ishan finds a young talent Ali and decides to take him to next level. Meanwhile, the three of them take up a space in a big mall to open up a high end sports shop and academy, for which deposit is borrowed from Omi’s uncle.

Then, the earthquake of 2001 is shown and in this earthquake their shop in the mall is shattered and with this their dreams too. They move back to old place of work and restart meanwhile Omi is forced to enter politics due to favours taken by him from his uncle. One day a principal of a Kedriya Vidyala enters the shop and leaves her child there for some time and on returning she asks Govind , who is there in the shop , that if they supply sports materials to schools . Govind becomes very excited and says “Yes!” and also informs her that they provide training for cricket in their academy. Principal offers him to give presentation in the school showcasing whatever they do. They give presentation and succeed in getting the project of training the school children. From here their journey begins.

Meanwhile, there are some unfortunate events of riots and politics in which Ishaan dies and Omi goes to jail. At the end of movie it is shown that Govind brings his friend Omi on his release from jail to the cricket ground where Ali (the young talent whom Ishaan had dreamed to take to next level ) is seen playing in India Australia Test series and Govind is shown to be highly successful man running sports consultancy and training firm.


Story has been adopted from Chetan Bhagat’s novel “ The 3 mistakes of My Life”


• Motivates one to chase his dreams till they are fulfilled
• Motivates one to get up and fight his battle again after the fall
• Teaches how good friendships are made and carried on

Violence: Violence scenes are there (Gujarat riots are shown)

Can watch with family: Yes

Intimacy scenes: One or two scenes

Objectionable scenes: Adult intimacy is there

Suitable for age groups: 18+

Family Values: ***

Language: Hindi, Gujarati(little bit)

Ratings on motivational part: *****

Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok