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Revisiting helps:

[An effective memory enhancement technique]
If your child is not performing up to the mark a very effective technique is to revisit his day in the school/college as well as self study periods. Even if the child is performing well the technique of revisiting will help enhance his memory and help him maintain his performance.

Steps for guided revisiting: (Revisiting school /college hours)
Tell your child to
1. Close his eyes.
2. Take deep breadth 5 times.
3.Tell him to go to the time when he entered  the class in the morning .Tell him to feel  the entry of his  teacher. Tell him to quietly go through what she taught today (what ever he can remember).
4.Similarly go through each period till the last period and revisit each and every period .
5.Tell him to slowly open his eyes.
Make sure revisiting becomes a habit for your child and is inculcated as one of his daily routines. Tell him to do it everytime he comes back from school/college. It takes not more than 10 minutes of your child’s precious time. Believe me these 10 minutes can do miracles for him.

Precaution or point to remember: Revisiting helps if your child  has been attending the class with interest and concentration and has been  listening to what his  teachers have taught with concentration.
Encourage your child to be attentive in class and listen to the teacher with interest and concentration.

Revising self study hours:
While your child sits for self studying tell him to follow following steps:
1. Take deep breadth 10 times.
2. Close his eyes and remember whatever he had studied last time in the topic he is going to cover.
3. Slowly tell him to open his eyes.
4. Now he can start with his work.
5. At the end of the study session tell him to revisit his study session in the same way and summarise in his mind whatever he has studied.
Self study sessions should start and end with the revisiting exercise.
The whole exercise takes 5-10 minutes of your child’s precious time on either side (starting of the session and the end of the session.)