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Make your child understand why cramming is not good

Understand the working of cramming – it is the result of child resorting to last minute preparation for the exam with no time left to understand the topic or is lazy to use his mental energy to understand the topic or needs help to understand the topic

Most children resort to cramming as a method of memorizing at the time of examination. But cramming is an example of non-reproduce able memory (it means child is unable to reproduce what is relevant at the time of examination). As long as questions are straight and expected the crammer does not have any problem attempting them and he can attempt with ease. But if the question is twisted and requires reproduction of the material crammed by the child in different way the child is unable to attempt. His memory goes blank . For instance , if the child crams A is the father of B and B lived in 19th century and that C lived in 18th century . If the child who has crammed this information is asked the question “Who lived earlier A or C?” , he will go blank and won’t be able to attempt this question as he is memorizing the information without understanding the interconnections between the data and has not integrated the data.

Moreover, it is important to know whatever material is being crammed is easily forgettable. In cramming there is no relation or organization of data. The only link is the continuation of words (i.e. this word comes after that word).If that path is blocked (i.e. if any one word is forgotten) whole memory crumbles down.