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The Miracle Worker – Movie Review


The Miracle Worker is the movie about Helen Keller’s life. Helen Keller was born with vision and hearing but lost her vision and became deaf when she was nearly nineteen months old because of some illness. Due to her shortcomings she was a pampered child at home.

Lack of discipline enforcement and lack of her ability to communicate herself led her to throwing tantrums at home and becoming an uncontrolled and unruly child. At nearly the age of seven her distressed parents arranged for a personal teacher named Annie Sullivan for her. Annie had herself recovered from blindness and knew what it takes to overcome the shortcomings. She was a very strict and dedicated teacher who disciplined Helen and taught her to communicate. She taught her to lead her life overcoming her shortcomings and the result was there for everyone to see.

Remarks: Movie is based on the true story of Helen Keller and was released in year 1962. Annie Sullivan was herself visually impaired and knew how the struggle was like to be blind and deaf person. She disciplined Helen Keller and took her out of her shell to the world where she could communicate with her hand gestures. Finally, Helen Keller rose to become a world famous author and speaker in her real life. She published twelve books and several articles. She became an ambassador for impaired people. In 1964, she was awarded Presidents medal for Freedom ,the highest civilian honour. The Miracle Worker is based on her autobiography , ”The Story of my life”.

Directed By: Arthur Penn

Produced by: Fred Coe

Learning :

• Discipline has a great role to play in individual’s life. Great heights were achieved by people with discipline.

• Great and dedicated teachers hold a lot value in one’s life. If we find right mentors at right point of time in our lives , our lives can be miraculous.

• It is possible to achieve everything and anything in life . Our personal shortcomings cannot stop us from achieving great heights.

Violence: None

Violence: None

Can watch with family: Yes

Intimacy scenes: None

Objectionable scenes: None

Suitable for age groups: Above 10 years

Family Values: ***

Language: English

Ratings on motivational part: *****

Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok