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Logical thinking is a skill that can be nurtured in children


Logical thinking is a learned process in which one uses reasoning.It is a bent of mind that needs to be nurtured in children. It is less concerned with accumulating undigested facts. It is the kind of thinking process that will be required by children not only in taking competitive exams but also throughout their life and in every field of their life. Logical thinking means not to take things at their face value but to research and analyse available facts. Logical thinking can be improved through constant observation and experimentation. A logical thinker is a person who not only reacts to the stimuli, but he also creates new things and ideas. ”Trial and error“ method is very important for developing logical thinking.Trial and error method allows room for making mistakes and learning from them rather than leading an inert existence like a Wall. With trial and error method children, come to know about new relationships in old thinking. A superior logical thinker is a person who is able to find out new relationships in old things.

Means for improving logical reasoning in students:
Logic comes through practice, it is really a skill. If children apply logic to everything then they will be automatically better at it.
Introduce small activities relating to real life situations or allow slots in your real life for your children where they have to apply logic and think .
Example situation 1:
Give them small duty to repair something that needs attention at home. Pay them for that. Let them think —
How to repair that thing?
How to manage the repair in money given to them ?
Let them answer whether repairing it themselves will be economical or outsourcing that work will will be economical.
Example Situation 2:
Allow your children to manage a small party: it may be any occasion at home eg a birthday party,
anniversary etc. Give them the budget.

Allow them to think :
What kind of menu they are going to arrange ? Does their budget allow them to arrange the kind of menu they are thinking of?
How many guests they are going to invite ? How many guests they can handle ?
How to invite?
What timings will be suitable to everybody?
What decorations need to be made?
How much crockery will be required ? Is the crockery at home enough or they need to arrange for paper plates etc.

Note: You need not guide them on what they need to think let them handle and learn by “Trial and Error” method. Don’t shorten their experiences and stop the development of their logical thinking.

Playing certain set of games also allows the improvement of logical thinking:
• Playing chess(helps improving strategy and logic)
• Doing Sudoku(logic based number placement activity)
• Brain teasers such as solving puzzles and riddles
• Doing crosswords
• Number and letter sequencing games

• Taking up amplitude test helps to improve logical thinking.
• Let them do problems related to premise and conclusions (i.e. which premise leads to which conclusion) , identifying correct and erroneous logical deductions, identifying hidden premises. Lot of material is available in the market in this section.
• Doing maths word problems also helps improve logical thinking.
• You can create small paragraphs on real life situations and let them answer the questions regarding it or how would they handle the situation if they were put into it.