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Ferrari Ki Sawaari- Movie Review


Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a movie about seeing dreams and chasing one’s dreams .

The movie shows a very sweet and healthy relationship between a father and a son. It shows how a father dreams big for his son in spite of his modest means . Father ( Rusy) is shown to be a very committed father and does everything possible to fulfill his son’s
( Kayo’s ) dream of playing as a successful cricketer. It shows the struggle of a father who dreams big for his son in spite of his limitations.

Movie shows both the brighter side and the darker side of competitive sports .It shows a real picture of what kind of struggle and challenges are faced in the field of competitive sports. On the brighter side Kayo is shown to fulfill his dream of playing in the Lord’s Cricket ground and on the darker side his grand father is shown to be lost in life due to his unfulfilled dream of making into Indian Cricket Team.

Directed By: Rajesh Mapuskar
Produced by: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Learning :
• Where there is a WILL there is a WAY.

• Dream big in Life and follow your dreams till you meet them .

• Be positive in life even while facing hardships.

• While teaching values to children , parents need to act as role models for their children.

Violence: None
Can watch with family: Yes
Intimacy scenes: None
Objectionable scenes: None
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: Hindi
Ratings on motivational part: ****
Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok


The Miracle Worker – Movie Review


The Miracle Worker is the movie about Helen Keller’s life. Helen Keller was born with vision and hearing but lost her vision and became deaf when she was nearly nineteen months old because of some illness. Due to her shortcomings she was a pampered child at home.

Lack of discipline enforcement and lack of her ability to communicate herself led her to throwing tantrums at home and becoming an uncontrolled and unruly child. At nearly the age of seven her distressed parents arranged for a personal teacher named Annie Sullivan for her. Annie had herself recovered from blindness and knew what it takes to overcome the shortcomings. She was a very strict and dedicated teacher who disciplined Helen and taught her to communicate. She taught her to lead her life overcoming her shortcomings and the result was there for everyone to see.

Remarks: Movie is based on the true story of Helen Keller and was released in year 1962. Annie Sullivan was herself visually impaired and knew how the struggle was like to be blind and deaf person. She disciplined Helen Keller and took her out of her shell to the world where she could communicate with her hand gestures. Finally, Helen Keller rose to become a world famous author and speaker in her real life. She published twelve books and several articles. She became an ambassador for impaired people. In 1964, she was awarded Presidents medal for Freedom ,the highest civilian honour. The Miracle Worker is based on her autobiography , ”The Story of my life”.

Directed By: Arthur Penn

Produced by: Fred Coe

Learning :

• Discipline has a great role to play in individual’s life. Great heights were achieved by people with discipline.

• Great and dedicated teachers hold a lot value in one’s life. If we find right mentors at right point of time in our lives , our lives can be miraculous.

• It is possible to achieve everything and anything in life . Our personal shortcomings cannot stop us from achieving great heights.

Violence: None

Violence: None

Can watch with family: Yes

Intimacy scenes: None

Objectionable scenes: None

Suitable for age groups: Above 10 years

Family Values: ***

Language: English

Ratings on motivational part: *****

Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok


Mulan – Movie Review


Mulan is a movie about a Chinese girl named Mulan , hailing from a loving family and living in a conservative society. She dreams and wants to do something different but isn’t quiet sure what to do.

At that time China is attacked by Hun army and China’s army is short of soldiers to fight back. King orders one person from each family to join army to fight back Huns. Mulan is the only daughter of Fasoo. Her father is old and feeble and incapable to fight , but, has to join army as per king’s order. Mulan doesn’t like this idea and rebels. She leaves her home to join army in the guise of a man , as women were not allowed to join army. She joins army as Ping and saves the China’s army and destroys Hun’s army. She is hailed for her valour but soon her identity opens and she is told to leave. Being left behind she sees Huns coming back to life and leaves for the place where victory celebrations are going on . Nobody listens to her warnings and in the meantime Huns attack and capture the king. Mulan once again helps to rescue the king and destroy the Huns. She is recognised for her bravery by the king and is given a responsible position in the court. She is hailed by everybody. She returns home to meet her father and presents the gifts ,given to her by the king ,before her father. Father feels very proud of his daughter and is very happy for her.

Remarks: Mulan is an animation movie. Movie is based on centuries old Chinese poem the “Ballad of Mulan”. It has till date not been known that whether Fa Mulan was a historical character or was a character created for the purpose of the poem.

Directed By:

Tony Bancroft , Barry Cook

Produced by:

Pam Coats


• It motivates one to follow one’s heart and listen to the deeper inner voice
• Motivates one to do what is right at a particular point of time
• Motivates one to take risk for the betterment of family and oneself

Violence: Few violence scenes are there
Can watch with family: Yes
Intimacy scenes: None
Objectionable scenes: None
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: English
Ratings on motivational part: *****

Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok


Working Mothers


Working mothers have a dilemma and a guilt feeling on that whether they are ignoring their children for the sake of career? Some mothers work for their career development and some work due to financial constraints. Whatever the case may be points go both for and against working mothers.

Points that go in favour of the working mothers:

Good news for working mothers is that they act as a role model for their children – a strong , confident and independent figure. Children look up to their mother as a figure who carries herself well and this gives them a good feeling about themselves and their mother. Children look up to be like their mothers as independent and growth oriented.

Children become independent from a very young age. With their mothers not around them all the time providing them the protective environment during growth years, children very soon learn to handle themselves well through the thick and thin of life. They try to handle the situations themselves and in the process get enough space for experimentation and learn their ways through trial and error method.

Children learn to organise themselves well.

Working mothers, being more in touch with the outside world know what’s going on in the world and are able to guide their children in much better way. As the children grow up, mothers being more open to new ideas and ideologies are able to connect with their children in a better way.
Working mothers feel good about themselves and this good feeling results in positivity in them. This positivity is passed onto children. A child is like a sponge who absorbs whatever is there around him.

Points that don’t go in favour of working mothers:

Children may not get the kind of care they deserve during their formative years. This depends upon the personality of the child as to how he takes all this- either he may open up and learn to lead his own life independently or he may move into a shell – making himself look like a victim who doesn’t get enough attention required. Some children may become insecure and may not be able to move up in life as the feeling of insecurity and loneliness may remain with them as they grow up.

Mothers may not able to ingrain the kind of value system they would have wanted to, into their children due to lack of time. Again this may be a subjective scenario and depends upon how well the mothers organise themselves. Spending quality time with the kids can resolve the above issue. Spending quality time over quantity time matters.

Working Mothers whose job is stressful, with the timelines to be met and long working hours could feel anxious about their children and this anxiety will be passed over time to children.

This debate can go on and on.

One last word – What kind of work or career one chooses defines a lot of things in one’s life.

I leave this debate for open discussion. Do participate in this debate. Children as well as parents can come forward for participation based on their individual experiences.



Personal Vision and Mission


Remember first step in achieving anything is conceptualisation and intent setting. Thought power is very great and this can lead us places.

You need to answer these questions for yourselves which lead you to set vision for yourself i.e. how you want your life to be ?

Look into yourself and create a vision and mission for yourself.

Step 1: Looking into oneself

Q1. a) What are my fundamental beliefs? What is my value system which forms the foundation of how I work and conduct myself?

b) What is truly important to me?

c) What I am passionate about?

d) What areas/issues deeply concern me?

Q2. Who are the people whom I would love to look up to as role models?

Q3. a) What are the things that I love doing and which provide me great sense of satisfaction?

b) In past one month what were the events and occasions in which I found myself happy and satisfied?

Q4. a) What I am best at?

b) What I am good at?

Q5. How would I like to see my life unravelling in next 5 years,10 years, 20 years and so on, on

a) Personal front

b) Family front

c) Professional front /Educational front

Step 2 – My vision and My mission

1) What I found in myself that I think I should

a) Start doing(improvement/development areas)

b) Stop doing

c) Do more of it(improvement/development areas)

d) Do less of it

2) What are the goals in my life which I want to meet in

a) Next 1 year

b) Next 5 years

c) Next 10 years

3) Target setting:
In the next one year:

a) What I need to develop/learn/attain in various areas of my life (softer as well as harder skills)?

b) How will I go about in achieving it?

c)What I will be doing to make it happen?

d)What kind of support/help do I need to make it happen?


1.While answering the questions for yourself sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate and think in peace.

2.After answering the questions keep the sheet with you in a place where it is safe as well as where you can revisit it time and again.

3.Revisiting is very powerful tool which helps to ingrain your vision and mission deeply in your mind and in your being.

4.As parents you can always encourage your children to set their vision and mission as soon as they are old enough to understand things.


Career in Cyber Security:

As more and more people are becoming tech-savvy so is the number of on-line financial transactions increasing .Financial transactions could be in the form of payment of bills through internet, doing various banking transactions online, online trading in stock markets, doing online shopping etc.

With the rapid computerization of all the departments , all the crucial data of the departments needs to be protected from any misuse.

In addition to this fact there is also destabilization of the world economy rendering many people jobless and in distress.

All the above facts are leading to increase in cyber crimes. With the increase in cyber crimes , there is an increase in demand in the number of people required for cyber security. Still there is a lot of gap in the demand and supply that needs to be filled up appropriately.

Where people can look for opportunities:

• Banking and Financial Sectors
• Government (law and order) – egovernance
• Department of Telecommunications
• Department of Electronics and Information Technology
• Ministry of Defence, Defence Research and Development Organization
• Intelligence Bureau
• National Informatics Centre
• National Technical Research Organization
• Oil and Natural Gas Sectors
• Civil Aviation Sector
• Utility sectors
• Port Management
• Railways’ passenger reservation Systems

Tasks involved:

• Checking for the vulnerability of networks
• Cyber policing
• Data security and privacy
• Intelligence and Investigation
• Cyber risks and strategic analysis
• Cyber incidence response
• Digital forensics
• Traffic scanning and mitigation
• Research and development
• Assurance and certification

Remember: A professional in cyber security can be compared to a real time detective who has sharp brain and immense problem solving ability.

You can work as

• IT security consultant or manager or administrator
• Network security systems manager or administrator
• Network security engineer
• Systems Security Executive
• Web security administrator or manager
• Ethical Hacker
• Data Security Specialist
• Chief information security officer
• Computer Forensics Investigator
• Security Certified Programmer

Some of the Institutes providing training:

• Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, offers M.Tech. degree course in computer science with specialization in information security.

• ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Morena Link Road, Gwalior, offers M.Tech. degree course in information communication technology with specialisation in information security.

• Indian Institute of Information Technology, Deoghat, Jhalwa, Allahabad, offers two-year M.Sc. course in cyber law and information security.

• Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, offers M.Tech. degree course in computer networks and information security.

• National Institute of Technology, Calicut, offers M.Tech. course in computer science and engineering with specialisation in information security.

• Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Geeta Colony, East Delhi, affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, offers M.Tech. degree course in information security.

• National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, offers M.Tech. degree course in computer science and engineering with specialisation in information security.

• Amrita School of Engineering, Ettimadai, Coimbatore, offers M.Tech. degree course in cyber security.

• SRM University, SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, offers M.Tech. degree course in information security and computer forensics.

• Kalasalingam University, Anand Nagar, Krishnankoil, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, M.Tech. degree course in computer science and engineering with specialisation in information assurance and security.

• DOEACC Centre, NIT Campus, Calicut, offers postgraduate diploma in information security and system administration.