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Learn to take criticism- It helps you to evolve:


Mr. X: What happens when you are doing something with passion and dedication and someone comments that you are not doing it properly , there are lapses in your working style and you are required to undergo a training for improvement???

Mr. Y : Oh! I feel lot of pain and turmoil inside me. I feel I am putting in sincere effort from my side and this is the credit I get for my work. I feel terrible and as if all my reputation is at stake. I feel like retaliating or leaving the work what I was involved in.

Wait a second!!! If these are your thoughts wait for sometime. Calm down and introspect yourself. Real answers will start emerging. Sometimes we are so much involved with our fantasies and self image that it becomes difficult for us to see the hard core facts. We may not realise the work we are doing is not producing the desired results.

It depends upon us whether we thank the other person for pointing our drawbacks and take this as an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves or make it an ego issue. The choices we make in our lives have a lot of effect on our evolution and growth as a person and as a human being. When we stop taking criticism we stop evolving. This is the end of the road. We stop and we stagnate.

We may feel the pain inside us but yet the fact remains the same that people who criticise us work well for our growth. The criticism is just like bitter gourd juice which is unpalatable but yet good for our health.
So, we need to take decision for ourselves whether to eat the bitter medicine when we are ill and get cured or avoid the medicine and let disease be there , troubling us time and again.

Note: As parents we need to train our children to take criticism in good spirits and introspect and evolve.