Success is a journey inwards-a view point


As parents, we try to do whatever we can do and provide whatever we can ,so that our children succeed in their respective fields. But, are all these efforts reciprocated in the same manner with the hard work and effort that is required from children’s side ???

In most cases I see that whatever effort is being made and whatever facilities that are being given from parent’s side are taken for granted and there is no or little effort from child’s and student’s side. That sincerity of effort is lacking.

Now a days we see that children from less privileged families are coming up and shining. So, what is it that is required for succeeding?

Success is all about internal factors. Outside things may be tools to achieve that. Until and unless THE WILL, THE MOTIVATION comes from within nothing can be done from outside.

Few day’s back there was a lot of media coverage about the success story of the girl (Prema JayaKumar from Mumbai) who topped CA final exam all over India and how she came from a very humble background. So what is it that drove her and drives children like her to come out with flying colours even in lack of means? It is something to do with internal factors .It is their internal resolution to succeed .In most of these cases they see their families struggling and that becomes their source of motivation .They are highly internally motivated to do something to improve the standard of living of their families. So the key point is INTERNAL MOTIVATION. If the children are highly motivated internally and are focussed they can do whatever they want in their lives.

As parents we can provide means but if that WILL to do something doesn’t come internally they won’t succeed. We have heard of phrase that ”We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink”. This boils down to simple fact that unless the horse feels thirsty or feels the need of drinking water nobody can make him drink water. So is the case with children we cannot force them to do certain things that we feel are right for them and will lead them to success. This cannot happen unless the child himself realises it and wants to do something. So, as parents in addition to providing physical means we should try to find out means and ways to ignite that internal fire. Without that fire, that thirst spectacular success cannot be achieved.


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