Replenishing Ourselves

We constantly use our energy for different activities that we do in our daily lives. If we keep on using our energy without replenishing it, we may soon drain out. Here, we are not just talking of the energy on physical level but, the energy on spiritual level as well.

Sometimes we feel enthusiastic about the work we need to do and the things we need to perform but, lack enough strength on physical level to do these tasks. This is simply the lack of physical strength and can be replenished by proper food and exercise.

Sometimes we are physically fit and sound but, lack the enthusiasm to do anything . We feel the disconnection within ourselves . We feel discontented and some pain inside us. We feel very down from inside. These are all the signals that tell us that our soul needs to be replenished. Some things have to be done on spiritual level to replenish our soul.

If a machine works constantly without proper lubrication it may break down due to wear and tear.

We cannot run a vehicle without replenishing the fuel constantly.

An overhead water tank needs to be refilled only then can we draw water from it.

Some simple ideas for replenishment of the soul and mind are:

• Sitting quietly at the sea beach and just observing the waves come and go.


• Sitting on the terrace and simply gazing the night sky and feeling the cool breeze as though it is replenishing us.


• Sitting quietly at a holy place or place of worship and allowing the divine energy to flow through us. Some places are simply the storehouses of infinite positive energy.


• Spending some time amidst natural environment such as mountains .


• Simply meditating and entering a thoughtless state.

• Listening to music , singing or dancing . Doing something that we really enjoy doing and feel relaxed and energetic on doing it.

Note: As parents we need to provide ways to our children by which they can connect to their inner selves.

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