Pushing Oneself Beyond One’s Limits is the Key to Success

We need to learn to push ourselves beyond the limits imposed on us by our own selves. When we decide to limit ourselves and set boundaries for ourselves on what we can do and what we can’t do, we are the people who limit our success. Our mental barriers decide the boundaries for our progress and growth.

Wherever we have set limits for ourselves we need to go and challenge our limits, it is only then can we proceed and succeed in our lives.

Whenever such words come into our dictionary that this is an impossible task for me, I cannot do it – just go ahead and take up a challenge to do it with determination.

Our limits, Our Fears, Our Phobias won’t go unless we decide to get face to face with them and overcome them with determination. Let us start the journey of overcoming our limits by doing small things in our everyday lives .These small things may include moving into darkness if we think we cannot do it, it could be public speaking if we think we can not do it , it could be travelling alone if we think we cannot travel alone etc.

The key is to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and face new challenges till it becomes our habit to face each challenge in our lives fearlessly and take it as an adventure.

Let our lives be like an experience of taking part in adventure sports may be a rope walk or paragliding or any other thing wherein we experience the unknown without fear and push ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Note: As parents we need to constantly encourage our children to push past their limits. As an example, if your child does daily three rounds of running in a ground and says he can not do more than this, push him to do one more round and make him realise that it was possible for him to do one more extra round of running.


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