Personal Vision and Mission


Remember first step in achieving anything is conceptualisation and intent setting. Thought power is very great and this can lead us places.

You need to answer these questions for yourselves which lead you to set vision for yourself i.e. how you want your life to be ?

Look into yourself and create a vision and mission for yourself.

Step 1: Looking into oneself

Q1. a) What are my fundamental beliefs? What is my value system which forms the foundation of how I work and conduct myself?

b) What is truly important to me?

c) What I am passionate about?

d) What areas/issues deeply concern me?

Q2. Who are the people whom I would love to look up to as role models?

Q3. a) What are the things that I love doing and which provide me great sense of satisfaction?

b) In past one month what were the events and occasions in which I found myself happy and satisfied?

Q4. a) What I am best at?

b) What I am good at?

Q5. How would I like to see my life unravelling in next 5 years,10 years, 20 years and so on, on

a) Personal front

b) Family front

c) Professional front /Educational front

Step 2 – My vision and My mission

1) What I found in myself that I think I should

a) Start doing(improvement/development areas)

b) Stop doing

c) Do more of it(improvement/development areas)

d) Do less of it

2) What are the goals in my life which I want to meet in

a) Next 1 year

b) Next 5 years

c) Next 10 years

3) Target setting:
In the next one year:

a) What I need to develop/learn/attain in various areas of my life (softer as well as harder skills)?

b) How will I go about in achieving it?

c)What I will be doing to make it happen?

d)What kind of support/help do I need to make it happen?


1.While answering the questions for yourself sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate and think in peace.

2.After answering the questions keep the sheet with you in a place where it is safe as well as where you can revisit it time and again.

3.Revisiting is very powerful tool which helps to ingrain your vision and mission deeply in your mind and in your being.

4.As parents you can always encourage your children to set their vision and mission as soon as they are old enough to understand things.

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