Parenting : Perseverance is the key to success


Perseverance is the key to achieving in life , what we want. Here, I want to quote a famous tale that I used to hear when I was small .It was that of a king who had lost in the battle several times and was on the verge of giving up. He sat against a wall and observed an ant that was trying to climb the wall. Every time the ant went half way it fell. But, every time it fell , it got up and started its journey again. This happened quite a few times and then finally the ant climbed the wall to reach the other side of it. This observation gave determination to king to stand up and fight back again. So, what we learn from this short tale is that the quality that led the tiny creature like an ant to succeed in its mission to reach other side of the wall was its perseverance.

Perseverance is a very important attribute as well as attitude in our lives.

The actual failure comes when we stop trying any more. Let us take our journey to the last step and continue till we don’t achieve what we want. Leaving the journey half way is nothing but, accepting our failure before we actually fail.

There are many great success stories in the world to observe , where sheer perseverance led to the desired success. Whatever task you take, take it to completion .This is what gives us satisfaction in life. Leaving things half way never gave any happiness to anybody in life. May be the next step we take is last step towards our success, our goal. Who knows?

Completion of the journey we started is the ULTIMATE BLISS.

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