Parenting : No reward No Punishment model

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Let the children work in the environment of no reward and no punishment. Let the children work in the environment in which they want to do something because they feel for it and love to do it.
Reward creates a sense of being appreciated by others for their things, their actions and their achievements. Children start doing things for making others happy. They think that by doing certain things or achieving certain things they will make others happy, they stop doing things for the love of doing them or for satisfaction. So, the entire paradigm shifts to making others happy.
Punishment creates a sense of fear. Children start doing certain things because they think that they will be punished if they don’t do it and stop enjoying doing the thing in this process.
Let the children blossom in an environment in which they have no fear and are not required to do certain things just for the sake of making others happy. Let them do certain things for the love of it.

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