Multitasking versus Focussed Working:


At the very start of this discussion one thing that needs to be clear is that most of the times we use multitasking for very short duration of time but, for the purpose of this discussion the time frame has been increased and it’s used as a representation for trying to do multiple things . Keeping this in mind let us start the discussion.

Views in favour of multitasking

Now a days , we get involved with a lot of varied fields. It is good that we expose ourselves to various fields so that we come to know where our real interest lies. We need time for experimentation till we are clear of what we want to do in our lives?

Views in favour of focussing

Having a lot of skills at hand with little time left to devote to each of the them religiously doesn’t produce results in any of them. For example, I am good at task 1 and I am good at task2 as well. But, giving my fifty percent energy to task A, then the other fifty percent energy to task B, does not help me excel in any of the tasks in hand. When I am involved in task1, I may be missing something on task2. In the meantime, when I am devoting my energy to task 2, someone else is devoting that energy to task 1. The other person is putting extra effort and energy on task 1 as compared to me. He is giving his hundred percent to task1. So, what result is expected – the person doing task1 single minded will succeed or I who is giving my energies and time to both task 1 and task2. It is said it is good to do multitasking , but , focussed way of working produces better results. When sun rays fall on a sheet of paper they cannot burn it. But, if the same rays of sun are focussed to a particular area on the sheet of paper with the help of lens then the paper starts burning.
When we try to do two dissimilar tasks, each requiring same level of focus and concentration, our brain doesn’t seem to work efficiently in any of them.

Concluding words:

Doing multiple things is a good idea at the start when we are finding our path. It is good to expose ourselves to as many things in the starting as possible so that we know what we want to do. But, once we are clear of the field or the path we are going to choose then focussed way of working will help us in realising what we want. The better way is to choose one’s area of focus and enhance one’s skills related to that area.

It’s like saying taking up multitasking is the initial part of the journey and focussed way is the concluding part of the journey. It’s like all the tributaries of the river joining the mainstream before concluding the journey into the sea.

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