Parenting : Mr. Peabody and Sherman – Movie Review


It is a 3D animation science fiction movie. It is a heart rendering story of a very cultured dog Mr. Peabody adopting a boy named Sherman just the reverse of what we see in our real lives.

It is a fable in which the dog is shown to be a genius and behaving like a really serious guy. This dog keeps on waiting for someone to adopt him so that he finds a home for himself. But, due to his serious nature children who come for adoption of dogs somehow reject him. Being left without a home and being an intelligent person he chooses the path of pursuing serious studies. He acquires various degrees and honors and builds a name and home for himself. One day he finds a baby boy abandoned outside his home and legally adopts the boy. He names the boy as Sherman. It is wonderful story of a really committed father Mr.Peabody taking care of his adopted son Sherman and their journey together in the time machine, created by intelligent Mr.Peabody, into the various important historic events like the Trogen war etc.

Note : This movie is based on Peabody’s Improbable History by Ted Key

Directed By: Rob Minkoff
Produced by: Alex Schwartz and Denise Nolan Cascino


  • Through this movie children can revisit important historic events like Trogen war episode,Mona Lisa with the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, the French revolution ,The renaissance movement.
  • Motivates one to pursue something in the field of science.

Violence: Negligible
Can watch with family: Yes
Intimacy scenes: None
Objectionable scenes: None
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: English
Ratings on motivational part: ****
Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok


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