How to improve grades ( A simple psychological way of dealing)A slight twist in our approach can make a lot of difference


Before we discuss on how to improve grades let us first answer a simple question: “How much grades on average our child is managing to get ?”It means, this is the natural calibre of the child and this much marks he is able to achieve without much effort.

Let us assume that our child is getting on an average 75% of marks and our target is that he should be achieving above 90% marks or may be 100%. Now don’t make him think that he has to achieve 100% result but let him change his thinking to that with whatever effort he is already putting he is able to achieve 75% marks, his target is to achieve just 25% more .He has to put extra effort to achieve only 25% more. If he thinks “Oh! I have to achieve 100% result. I need to work very hard to achieve this ” .The target appears to be like a mountain. This process of thinking can be a bit categorised into negative thinking. Now take the second scenario “Oh! I am able to manage 75% percent marks , with a little bit of more effort to what I am putting I can achieve 25% more than what I am already getting” . Now this can be a bit categorised to positive thinking.

With a little twist in our thinking our goals seem to be achievable. A little twist in thinking makes a lot of difference. Let us as parents motivate our children to achieve better results, with a little change in the thinking process a lot can be achieved .

Thoughts are powerful tools that can do wonders in our childrens’ lives. With right and positive thoughts a lot has been achieved. Our thoughts are the stepping stone towards success in our lives .All great things in this world have germinated as a result of a seed of right thought.

Secondly, let us break the target into steps .

Wherever your child stands in the journey motivate him to achieve steps which seem to be achievable.

Let us take the example of a toddler who knows how to crawl. He can manage very well with crawling, so that is his level .Now we can motivate him to the next level of standing and may be walking little bit with the help of support and finally to the level of walking and running .But if we set targets of running for him it may demotivate the child and he may think that he won’t be able to run any time in his life. Journey of learning is also in steps .If your child is low achiever.


If he manages to get on an average may be 40% don’t set high targets of may be 100% immediately. Let him take baby steps and walk slowly towards the target of 100%. Motivate him to work a little harder than what he is already doing to achieve just 20%-25% more, once he knows what is required to achieve just 20% -25% more than his ability, he will form the habit of doing this much extra effort. Once this base is formed and he is comfortable in this zone motivate him to achieve next target .


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