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Meditation in Motion-Part 2


Yoga is another form of meditation in motion. It is a way of integrating mind ,body and soul.

Sitting and trying to meditate takes a lot time and practice. It is definitely possible and people have achieved it but , with great effort. Yoga is a easy way of focusing your mind first on asanas and slowly shifting attention to breath.

Studies show that regular yoga practice helps us to focus better, feel relaxed, increases our concentration and memory. Our mind is not cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, yoga helps in clearing way for better thinking .

You may notice that when you are tensed or angry or when your mind is very active, your breath is shorter. The essence of yoga is to concentrate on asanas and along with it move your attention and be aware of your breath. All asanas are associated with breathing sequences, each step is associated with a breathing pattern. So in yoga you move from physical asanas to subtle movements of breath and become aware of your breathing pattern. This leads to relaxation.

It is well known that no machine can work with hundred percent efficiency if it is working for twenty four hours round the clock. It needs rest. It needs time to cool down otherwise , it will break down and finish due to wear and tear. Same is the case with our fast paced lives. We need to do a lot. We need to achieve a lot .When we are in the state of activity or hyper-activity our brain waves move very fast. With all this running there is always an inner subtle urge for taking a break from all the activities.

We need to understand the importance of slowing down at times. We need to learn to slow down our brain activity as with that comes relaxation, clarity of thoughts and intuition (i.e. we are able to hear our inner voice clearly).

First, we slow down our physical body movements and then we slow down our breath which leads to slowing down of brain activity and this leads us to a state of bliss.

It is said that when we slow down our brain activity, it is only then we receive cosmic energy. Our thoughts are a blockage to reception of cosmic energy which is very much necessary for our well being.


Meditation in Motion – Part 1


Tai Chi:

Tai chi is a form of martial art that is often referred to as moving meditation. Tai chi helps you to find balance between your mind and body .It works on the belief that focussing mind fully on movements brings mental peace and relaxation, which in turn helps one in reducing stress and anxiety levels. In addition to developing physical discipline, it helps one to focus his energies in constructive ways.

Tai Chi is a very slow form of workout that involves graceful movements along with proper breathing .It is a rhythmic series of movement with one movement leading to another in a very smooth manner.

Tai chi means directing of life force or energy inside our body. Tai chi has following elements:

•Taolu meaning solo hand and weapons routines/forms
•Neigong and qigong meaning breathing, movement and awareness exercises and meditation
•Tuishou meaning response drills
•Sanshou meaning self defence techniques

In China, tai chi is categorized under the Wudang grouping of Chinese martial art which is a form of arts concerned with internal power.

Although you can learn Tai Chi from videos ,etc . but, it is always better to learn Tai Chi under a well trained instructor for full benefits. A proper teacher will teach you all the movements along with proper breathing and also teach you how to focus the energies while exercising. Thus, instructor has a great role in imparting proper technique. Anything you learn is useful only if you do it using the right method and technique.



How to keep children busy during Summer Holidays:


Summer holidays is a nice big break for children from their daily routine life. Children have a lot of time in their hand and they don’t know how to spend their time.This time can be best utilized in enhancing their skills along with giving them relaxation. Here are some activities you can look for keeping children busy during holidays:

•You can make your children join a library where they can get a lot of books to read. This will help to inculcate reading habit in them.

•Children can be introduced to photography. They can be taught and encouraged to take out photographs of animals, birds, flowers, nature etc. This will help to develop their interest in photography and they can become amateur photographers.

•Children can be encouraged to make their own comic book or they can be encouraged to author a novel. This can be an early introduction to the world of writing.

•Children can be encouraged to gain some work experience. For example,they can volunteer working in some library where they can maintaining simple record of books people are taking or they can volunteer working in some mall and deal with customers by introducing customers to products and any offers the mall is offering.

•You can take them to theatres, puppet shows or magic shows if any.

•You can introduce cooking activities for them and their friends, where they can share their recipes and try their hands on cooking. They can be made Chefs.This will help to develop culinary skills in children.

•If your children have a lot of collection of books they can run their own library or you can encourage and make a group of their friends who can run a library together.

•You can encourage your children to organize football or cricket matches.

•You along with your children can go on a long cycling adventure trip.

•You can organize mountaineering trip in a group.

•You can organize painting sessions in a group or individually you can encourage your child to paint his imaginations.

•You can arrange story telling sessions for children.

•You can take your children to amusement parks or water parks.

•You can go on a shopping trip with your children and let them handle the budgeting part.

•You can create a sand pit in your garden and introduce them to the world of sand sculptures.

•You can arrange clay for them and introduce them to clay modeling.

•You can introduce them to your holy scriptures.

• You can introduce them to meditation and yoga.

•You can make them join some classes for learning skills such as swimming, karate etc.

•You can arrange salad decoration or dressing competition for children.

•You can encourage children to display their special skills by arranging an exhibition cum sale event.


Encourage your children to take cold water shower or cold water bath:


Taking cold water bath has a lot of benefits for children.


1. Reduces stress Levels:
Studies show that taking cold water bath reduces stress levels .It acts as a stress buster.

2. Improves Immunity:

Cold water bath improves immunity against cold, flu etc.

3. Increases blood circulation:
When cold water falls on the body ,the arteries and veins contract ,resulting in movement of blood with high pressure to various organs.With hot water bath it is just the opposite. On taking cold water bath blood circulation in vital organs increases to keep them warm thus increasing the overall circulation of blood in the body.

4. Increased vitality:
Children who take cold water bath are less lethargic .Improved blood circulation helps them remain active.

5. Increases mental strength:
It is not easy to take cold water bath in the morning. If children are encouraged to take cold water bath in the morning it helps to make them mentally strong as it requires a lot of will power to go through any experience that is not pleasant. Remember early sages, the first thing they used to do in the morning was to take a dip in cold river water. It helped them to elevate spiritually. In tough trainings like military training they don’t allow warm or hot water bath in view of making trainees mentally strong.

6. Increased metabolism:
Cold water bath leads to increased body metabolism which helps in growth and is good for body.

7. Increased Hormone production:
Leads to increased activity of glands .Increased activity of glands leads to increased production of hormones. Helps improved working of endocrine system.

8. Deepens breathing:
When we put cold water on body the veins constrict leading to heavy and deep breathing which results in more intake of oxygen in the body. It gives somewhat same effect as a strenuous exercise.

9. Lastly, it improves skin and hair shine by maintaining body moisture

Points to be taken care of:

1. Let the shift from hot to cold water bath be gradual. Let the child bathe with lesser hot water than his body is attuned to .Let his body settle down to this temperature .Then lower the temperature further down gradually leading to luke warm water and finally shift to cold water bath.

2. It is always better to start bathing with cold water bath from lower part of the body from feet to legs .

3. If your child has some specific ailment then better take advice of a doctor before shifting to cold water bath.

4. Cold water bath should not be taken immediately after any kind of physical exercise.It is advisable to let the body come to its normal temperature before taking cold water bath.

5. Body should not be exposed to cold water for too long.


Parental Role in handling TECH_SAVVY Children


Parents of this age are into a lot of confusion and dilemma on seeing their preteens and kids using their useful chunks of time in messaging text and playing games on mobiles , surfing internet , visiting social networking sites such as facebooks .Parenting In this fast track age with lot of exposure to technology has become a lot more challenging.

Parents point of views and dilemmas

First Point of View: We didn’t want to give our child access to internet or mobiles but we had to bend to peer pressure .We didn’t want him to be left behind or feel low in front of his friends. Everyone in his group is having mobile and has an access to internet account.

Second Point of View: My kid is doing well in academics. He is not allowed to use internet I have put password in it and he is not allowed to use mobile phone. Till he is into something serious and is on his own , he is kept away from all distractions .

Third Point of View: As a parent we need to respect our child as an individual and as an independent thinker .We have given our child all the latest gadgets and he has access to everything. If we as parents are on the right track, leading an ethical and rightful life it is not possible for our kids to move off the track that easily. After all they imitate us and pick up whatever they see at home. In our point of view as independent thinkers they can suggest us on latest technology related things and useful services available in the market.

We may have any one of these point of views or any other point of view but as a parent it is our foremost duty to provide safety cover to our children.

1. Don’t completely deny access to the internet because banning only increases their curiosity.
2. Encourage children to make off-line friends i.e. friends in person whom they can interact with.
3. Allow the administered use of internet. Somebody responsible should be around when they are accessing internet.
4. Set and lay down rules. Fix and regulate the timings and stuff they are allowed to browse on internet.
5.If as a parent we are giving them entry to the cyber world it is our duty to inform them about the dangers in the cyber world. Some parents have the view that their children are too small to understand all this. But, if your child is big enough to go to cyber world then understand that he is big enough to be told of the lurking dangers and ills in the cyber world. It is our big mistake to leave them uninformed in the cyber world. Leaving children uninformed in cyber world can be as dangerous as leaving children uninformed in real world.
6. Give children better options such as playing outdoors. Involve them more in outdoor activities.
7. Do keep an eye on the sites your child visits often. Many of them may be good and informative but if you find something fishy about some site be extremely strict with that -you need to put your foot firmly and say “NO “ to it.
8. Look into internet security options. Internet security providers have packages that help you keep an eye on how your kids are using internet and they provide security for kids.

What you can do if your child has turned out to be an internet addict or spends a lot of time in texting messages on mobile:

1. Internet addiction and excessive texting is mostly the result of emotional and behavioural disorders and problems the child is facing. As a parent you can act as his best friend and find out what is happening in his life and what are the things that are disturbing your child. If you can manage and fix the things on your own it well and good otherwise you can take the expert advice of a counsellor.
2. Encourage your child into outdoor activities and constructive activities .If your child is shy and does have many friends to play outside put him into some classes or activities of his interest-where he enjoys and feels refreshed.
3.Develop his interest in household activities –this is also a skill. Let him provide meaningful help in household activities such as cooking, buying grocery, cleaning his space, gardening etc. Make him responsible of certain household tasks such as maintaining the garden.
4. As an example look into this. South Korea is one of the most wired country in the world. In this country addiction to internet has become a major problem. There they have started Riding Healing Centres. It is a therapy organisation that uses horse riding to cure emotional and behavioural disorders-which they believe are an underlying cause of internet addiction. They say that horse is an animal that anyone can get easily make emotional connection with .Moreover, thinking about how to ride them better makes children lose their interest in sterile internet activities. So you can also plan something on similar lines and divert his attention from sterile activity of internet surfing to some more lively activities that will involve his mental energy and also give him emotional satisfaction.


Importance Of Extra-Curricular Activities in Child’s Life –Does your child take part in extracurricular activities?


Activities that fall out of the realm of the normal school curriculum are termed as extracurricular activities. These activities are taken up voluntarily by the children and are not mandatory.


•Help the child to make friends and improve upon social and interpersonal skills which are very important for survival in corporate life later on plus his normal life
•Help the child to have a better self esteem
•Enrich your child’s life experiences
•Help the child to become multitalented by learning new things and help him to become all round personality
•Studies show that children who take part in extracurricular activities do better in studies
•Help the child to develop interests in addition to studies
•Lessen negative things such as anti social behaviour
•Help as stress busters
•Open up new areas of career prospects
•Help in his physical development
•Help to develop team spirit
•Help the children to become creative


•Children stay outside for longer hours
•Parents need to shell out extra money and effort for that
•Children may feel tired
•People who carry out these activities should be worthy of trust

Concluding Note: As a parent you can weigh advantages and disadvantages and take a personal and informed call as to how do extracurricular activities stand out in your child’s life.