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Working Mothers


Working mothers have a dilemma and a guilt feeling on that whether they are ignoring their children for the sake of career? Some mothers work for their career development and some work due to financial constraints. Whatever the case may be points go both for and against working mothers.

Points that go in favour of the working mothers:

Good news for working mothers is that they act as a role model for their children – a strong , confident and independent figure. Children look up to their mother as a figure who carries herself well and this gives them a good feeling about themselves and their mother. Children look up to be like their mothers as independent and growth oriented.

Children become independent from a very young age. With their mothers not around them all the time providing them the protective environment during growth years, children very soon learn to handle themselves well through the thick and thin of life. They try to handle the situations themselves and in the process get enough space for experimentation and learn their ways through trial and error method.

Children learn to organise themselves well.

Working mothers, being more in touch with the outside world know what’s going on in the world and are able to guide their children in much better way. As the children grow up, mothers being more open to new ideas and ideologies are able to connect with their children in a better way.
Working mothers feel good about themselves and this good feeling results in positivity in them. This positivity is passed onto children. A child is like a sponge who absorbs whatever is there around him.

Points that don’t go in favour of working mothers:

Children may not get the kind of care they deserve during their formative years. This depends upon the personality of the child as to how he takes all this- either he may open up and learn to lead his own life independently or he may move into a shell – making himself look like a victim who doesn’t get enough attention required. Some children may become insecure and may not be able to move up in life as the feeling of insecurity and loneliness may remain with them as they grow up.

Mothers may not able to ingrain the kind of value system they would have wanted to, into their children due to lack of time. Again this may be a subjective scenario and depends upon how well the mothers organise themselves. Spending quality time with the kids can resolve the above issue. Spending quality time over quantity time matters.

Working Mothers whose job is stressful, with the timelines to be met and long working hours could feel anxious about their children and this anxiety will be passed over time to children.

This debate can go on and on.

One last word – What kind of work or career one chooses defines a lot of things in one’s life.

I leave this debate for open discussion. Do participate in this debate. Children as well as parents can come forward for participation based on their individual experiences.



Find a mentor in your life – A viewpoint


Finding a mentor is very important in Life.

Mentor in todays world is same as what we called a MASTER in ancient world.

Mentor is like a propeller in a rocket, as an engine in a train. He is a person who has the capability of looking into the gifts you have with you , the capabilities you have with you and guides your capabilities in right direction. He is a person who has the capability of taking the best out of you and holding you when you fall.

Once you find a right mentor in your life nearly half of your journey on the path of your dreams is achieved.

First Step:

Recognise the area where you require mentoring:
It is very important for you to first recognise the areas where you require mentoring. Probable areas could be

• Life Skills
• Sports
• Studies
• Setting up Business
• Skill Development

Second Step:

Qualities to look for in a mentor:
• He works with sincerity for the cause.
• He is passionate about what he is doing.
• He is ready to put in hard work.
• He may be meeting personal objectives but not at the cost of sacrificing you.
• He is capable of bringing the best out of you.
• He is capable of stopping you when you start wandering away from your goals and path.
• He is capable of providing mentoring in area you require i.e. he has the requisite knowledge of that field.

Third Step:

Finding a mentor:
Mentor can be
• Any one in your close circle (your friends, your relatives, your seniors, your acquaintances).
• Any one who is professional or who is practically working or doing really something good in the field you require mentoring in, so that he can guide you by practical experiences rather than bookish knowledge.
• Mentor can be anyone who wanted to do something great in his life in that particular field where you want mentoring and has not achieved the heights he wanted to, but has that fire inside him to produce somebody great in that field with his experiences.
Note:People who had fire inside them along with the knowledge to do something but have somehow not achieved what they wanted in that particular field ,can take you places because that fire is still alive inside them. You need to have an eagle’s eye to spot such mentors.
• You can look for mentors in the organisation you work for, in the educational institutions you study.
• For business purpose – you can enrol yourself into forums of business people. There you may find people, who have achieved in life and are now coming forward to share their knowledge and experience. It is often seen that people who have achieved in their life and have risen in their life are more than willing to share their experiences. Such people can act as best mentors.

As parents it is very important to connect our children to best people and find a mentor for them.


Help your children find their purpose in Life- A Viewpoint


Real happiness is found when we have a purpose in life and we are moving forward towards that purpose.

As long as we are on the journey and are moving each step forward towards the fulfilment of our goal or purpose, we are happy.

If the purpose is not there or we are not clear about our goals or there is confusion in our minds we don’t find real happiness and are lost in life. So, we need to prepare our children to find their goals and purpose in life. Once they are on the track they won’t have much distractions and will be focussed and purposeful.

With purpose and goal comes the will to work hard and achieve it. When we have a purpose we are ready to put the best of our effort .When the goals are not clear, we don’t know on which path we are moving , each step requires lot of effort from our side, each step seems to be very tiring and drenching . So, where is the question of putting the best effort in this case???

Always encourage your children to dream big in life and move high in life. It is well said that ‘Great Things’ were achieved by people who first dreamt big. Letting your children dream and letting them take the flight of their dreams is very important. This will give them a sense of fulfilment in life and in the end of life they will live a peaceful and satisfied life.



Healthy Lifestyle is the best legacy we can pass to our kids- A Viewpoint


As parents we should strive to inculcate health conscious habits in kids and teach them how to lead and maintain a healthy life style.

•We along with our kids can go in for morning exercise sessions. Once this becomes a habit for them they will know for themselves the benefits of morning exercise. This will keep them active mentally and physically. Soon they will know the difference between the days they go for exercising and the days they don’t go for exercising.

•Good eating habits form a part of healthy life style. Now a days it is seen that children keep on munching junk food. We as parents need to discourage this and make a shift towards healthy eating habits. We should keep our children well informed about the food value of various foods and how it affects our body.

•Regular Meditation can also be introduced into their daily routine. Once they form the habit of meditating , knowing of course the right technique , this will help them in mastering their mind. Their mind will not wander unnecessarily and unwanted chattering of mind will stop. They will be in control of their thoughts and can direct their mind like a chauvinist to what they want it to think and not expend their energies in unnecessary thoughts.



Success is a journey inwards-a view point


As parents, we try to do whatever we can do and provide whatever we can ,so that our children succeed in their respective fields. But, are all these efforts reciprocated in the same manner with the hard work and effort that is required from children’s side ???

In most cases I see that whatever effort is being made and whatever facilities that are being given from parent’s side are taken for granted and there is no or little effort from child’s and student’s side. That sincerity of effort is lacking.

Now a days we see that children from less privileged families are coming up and shining. So, what is it that is required for succeeding?

Success is all about internal factors. Outside things may be tools to achieve that. Until and unless THE WILL, THE MOTIVATION comes from within nothing can be done from outside.

Few day’s back there was a lot of media coverage about the success story of the girl (Prema JayaKumar from Mumbai) who topped CA final exam all over India and how she came from a very humble background. So what is it that drove her and drives children like her to come out with flying colours even in lack of means? It is something to do with internal factors .It is their internal resolution to succeed .In most of these cases they see their families struggling and that becomes their source of motivation .They are highly internally motivated to do something to improve the standard of living of their families. So the key point is INTERNAL MOTIVATION. If the children are highly motivated internally and are focussed they can do whatever they want in their lives.

As parents we can provide means but if that WILL to do something doesn’t come internally they won’t succeed. We have heard of phrase that ”We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink”. This boils down to simple fact that unless the horse feels thirsty or feels the need of drinking water nobody can make him drink water. So is the case with children we cannot force them to do certain things that we feel are right for them and will lead them to success. This cannot happen unless the child himself realises it and wants to do something. So, as parents in addition to providing physical means we should try to find out means and ways to ignite that internal fire. Without that fire, that thirst spectacular success cannot be achieved.



Logical thinking is a skill that can be nurtured in children


Logical thinking is a learned process in which one uses reasoning.It is a bent of mind that needs to be nurtured in children. It is less concerned with accumulating undigested facts. It is the kind of thinking process that will be required by children not only in taking competitive exams but also throughout their life and in every field of their life. Logical thinking means not to take things at their face value but to research and analyse available facts. Logical thinking can be improved through constant observation and experimentation. A logical thinker is a person who not only reacts to the stimuli, but he also creates new things and ideas. ”Trial and error“ method is very important for developing logical thinking.Trial and error method allows room for making mistakes and learning from them rather than leading an inert existence like a Wall. With trial and error method children, come to know about new relationships in old thinking. A superior logical thinker is a person who is able to find out new relationships in old things.

Means for improving logical reasoning in students:
Logic comes through practice, it is really a skill. If children apply logic to everything then they will be automatically better at it.
Introduce small activities relating to real life situations or allow slots in your real life for your children where they have to apply logic and think .
Example situation 1:
Give them small duty to repair something that needs attention at home. Pay them for that. Let them think —
How to repair that thing?
How to manage the repair in money given to them ?
Let them answer whether repairing it themselves will be economical or outsourcing that work will will be economical.
Example Situation 2:
Allow your children to manage a small party: it may be any occasion at home eg a birthday party,
anniversary etc. Give them the budget.

Allow them to think :
What kind of menu they are going to arrange ? Does their budget allow them to arrange the kind of menu they are thinking of?
How many guests they are going to invite ? How many guests they can handle ?
How to invite?
What timings will be suitable to everybody?
What decorations need to be made?
How much crockery will be required ? Is the crockery at home enough or they need to arrange for paper plates etc.

Note: You need not guide them on what they need to think let them handle and learn by “Trial and Error” method. Don’t shorten their experiences and stop the development of their logical thinking.

Playing certain set of games also allows the improvement of logical thinking:
• Playing chess(helps improving strategy and logic)
• Doing Sudoku(logic based number placement activity)
• Brain teasers such as solving puzzles and riddles
• Doing crosswords
• Number and letter sequencing games

• Taking up amplitude test helps to improve logical thinking.
• Let them do problems related to premise and conclusions (i.e. which premise leads to which conclusion) , identifying correct and erroneous logical deductions, identifying hidden premises. Lot of material is available in the market in this section.
• Doing maths word problems also helps improve logical thinking.
• You can create small paragraphs on real life situations and let them answer the questions regarding it or how would they handle the situation if they were put into it.


How to improve grades ( A simple psychological way of dealing)A slight twist in our approach can make a lot of difference


Before we discuss on how to improve grades let us first answer a simple question: “How much grades on average our child is managing to get ?”It means, this is the natural calibre of the child and this much marks he is able to achieve without much effort.

Let us assume that our child is getting on an average 75% of marks and our target is that he should be achieving above 90% marks or may be 100%. Now don’t make him think that he has to achieve 100% result but let him change his thinking to that with whatever effort he is already putting he is able to achieve 75% marks, his target is to achieve just 25% more .He has to put extra effort to achieve only 25% more. If he thinks “Oh! I have to achieve 100% result. I need to work very hard to achieve this ” .The target appears to be like a mountain. This process of thinking can be a bit categorised into negative thinking. Now take the second scenario “Oh! I am able to manage 75% percent marks , with a little bit of more effort to what I am putting I can achieve 25% more than what I am already getting” . Now this can be a bit categorised to positive thinking.

With a little twist in our thinking our goals seem to be achievable. A little twist in thinking makes a lot of difference. Let us as parents motivate our children to achieve better results, with a little change in the thinking process a lot can be achieved .

Thoughts are powerful tools that can do wonders in our childrens’ lives. With right and positive thoughts a lot has been achieved. Our thoughts are the stepping stone towards success in our lives .All great things in this world have germinated as a result of a seed of right thought.

Secondly, let us break the target into steps .

Wherever your child stands in the journey motivate him to achieve steps which seem to be achievable.

Let us take the example of a toddler who knows how to crawl. He can manage very well with crawling, so that is his level .Now we can motivate him to the next level of standing and may be walking little bit with the help of support and finally to the level of walking and running .But if we set targets of running for him it may demotivate the child and he may think that he won’t be able to run any time in his life. Journey of learning is also in steps .If your child is low achiever.


If he manages to get on an average may be 40% don’t set high targets of may be 100% immediately. Let him take baby steps and walk slowly towards the target of 100%. Motivate him to work a little harder than what he is already doing to achieve just 20%-25% more, once he knows what is required to achieve just 20% -25% more than his ability, he will form the habit of doing this much extra effort. Once this base is formed and he is comfortable in this zone motivate him to achieve next target .