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Role Model : Dr. Verghese Kurien


Dr. Verghese Kurien entered Gujarat as a government employee in 1940’s to manage a dairy but, on arriving in Gujarat he saw the exploitation of the dairy farmers by a local brand that had created a monopoly . With the will to do something for the farmers he started the cooperative movement in dairy sector. This cooperative dairy movement later came to be known as White Revolution and Dr.Verghese Kurien became famous as the “Father of the White Revolution”. He was a social entrepreneur in true sense . Whatever reforms he brought in Dairy Sector were a win win situation for all. With this movement India which was a net importer of milk till that time became net exporter of milk.

Dr.Verghese Kurien is the founder of Amul(Anand Milk Union Ltd.) a brand owned and managed by dairy farmers. His model alleviated millions of people out of poverty in India

Hats off to Dr.Verghese Kurien !!!
Hats off to true heroes like him who enlighten the lives of many!!!
Hats off to people like him who leave behind a trail for others to follow !!!


Success Story

G.R.Radhika has become the first Indian woman to conquer Kun Mountain (7,077m high) in Zanskar range of the Himalayas in Jammu and Kashmir. Climbing Kun is considered difficult due to its vertical climb.

G.R.Radhika , woman police officer from Telangana , India strongly believes Sir Edmund Hillary’s belief ,”IT IS NOT THE MOUNTAIN WE CONQUER BUT OURSELVES”.

She always loved accepting challenges that is why she quit her job as an English lecturer to join police services. Other adventures in her kitty are scaling Golep Kangri (5,980m high)peak in Zanskar Range in 2013 and, Mount Menthosa (6443m high)in Himachal Pradesh in 2014 .

Hats off to G.R.Radhika !!!
Hats off to people like her challenge their comfort zones!!!
Hats off to people like her who conquer themselves!!!




APJ Abdul Kalam was a true representation of democracy in India. He was a leader of the people , for the people and by the people. He arose from a very humble background to a position up the ladder achieved by very few.

A saint at heart , a truly learned man with humility who could invoke only love and compassion in other people – such was the personality of this greatly revered man .

Never caught in between useless controversies , always working silently with commitment towards his higher mission and goal in life such was the personality of this greatly revered man.

Never craving for limelight but, always being the centre of every talk such was the personality of this greatly revered man.

All words fall short to describe this great personality who descended on earth as a boon.



Ira Singhal – Success Story


Ira Singhal is the proud topper of 2014 UPSC examination. What makes this more special is that she is a differently abled girl suffering from Scoliosis, a spine-related disorder.

She had cleared civil services exam in year 2010 also but , did not get posting due to her physical disability. She fought her case with Central Administrative Service and finally got the posting in 2014. She is presently working as assistant commissioner in Customs and Excise department of Indian Revenue Services and will soon get the IAS posting.

Ms. Singhal is a graduate in computer engineering and did her MBA in finance and marketing .

Hats off to Ira Singhal !!!
Hats off to people like her who find their way like water finds its way through the thin cracks in the rock!!!
Hats off to unstoppable real life warriors like her !!!


Success Story: Jack Ma – Founder and Chairman of Alibaba Group

jack ma

Jack Ma grew up in China in a family with very limited means of income. Growing up poor and being an average child did not deter Jack Ma from following the path of his dreams. He failed in his college entrance exam twice, and was rejected from dozens of jobs, including one at KFC, before finding success with Alibaba.He is the man behind Alibaba, the company that was listed in Wall Street in 2014 and was is news gathering lots of media attention as the offering was set to be the largest tech IPO ever with more than $20 billion of stocks for sale.

Jack Ma’s story can be categorized as true rags to riches story.

Hats off to Jack Ma !!!
Hats off to people like him who dare to dream big and fulfil their dreams !!!
Hats off to people who don’t have wings to fly but have the ability to create their own wings to take the flight !!!


Yutaka Katayama: Role Model

yutaka1Mr. Yutaka Katayama also known as father of the Datson ‘Z’. He is credited with almost single -handedly creating Nissan’s strong foothold in United States.
Mr. Katayama was an adventurous and cheerful person and was the first president of Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A.

Mr. Katayama joined Nissan in 1935 as an employee in publicity and marketing department . At the time when corporate culture was considered to be conforming to superiors Mr. Katayama’s independent and open minded nature was not welcomed by his superiors and created a lot of contention in their minds. As a punishment in 1960 he was transferred by Nissan’s executives to worst Siberia they knew i.e. South California. He had to work from an office in a downtown area with an advertising budget of just $1000 . As made clear by Mr. Katayama ,Nissan’s executives expected him to fail. That was a time when “ Made in Japan” brand was not well accepted in U.S.

Contrary to everybody’s expectations, Mr. Katayama took the onus of building Datson’s brand in U.S. In mid 1960’ when Nissan merged its east coast and west coast operations he was made incharge of the whole US operations.
Mr. Katayama’s first success came with Datson 510 a lesser expensive version of BMW 1600 . Then, came the ‘Z’ , which soon became the object of desire for everybody. Datson was soon selling 4000 Z’s in a month.

His work is chronicled in “The Reckoning,” David Halberstam’s 1986 book about the auto industry.

Hats off to Mr. Yutaka Katayama!!!
Hats off to people like Mr. Yutaka Katayama who have the nerves to create a beauty wherever they are placed !!!
Hats off to people like Mr. Yutaka Katayama who dare to glow as a lonely star in cloudy sky!!!


Virat Kohli – Success Story

Virat kohliVirat Kohli scored a century in India’s World Cup 2015 opener against Pakistan in Adelaide on February 15, 2015. This performance led him to become first Indian batsman to score a century in a World Cup game against Pakistan and was declared as the “MAN OF THE MATCH “.
When asked what was it that made him take this glory into his basket , he had simply to say that, “ I was handed over with the role to bat through and team was depending upon me . I simply tried to deliver the responsibility put on my shoulders”, AND THIS IS INFACT THE SIGN OF A GREAT TEAM MEMBER.
When asked “How did you maintained your form?” He agreed that it is very difficult to remain focused when we have to stay among so many people in the hotel and when so many talks about the match are going on before the match. The key is we need to manage with all that is going on around us and still remain focused. This is the sign of people who make it great in their lives – THEY ARE HIGHLY FOCUSED AND MOTIVATED PEOPLE , WHO PLAY THEIR ROLE WELL AND DELIVER WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR.

• When we are handed over a role in a team and we have agreed upon that then, let come what may let us deliver it. That is the sign of a great team member.
• Before any great event one has to remain focussed and maintain his form irrespective of whatever is going around him.

Hats off to Virat Kohli!!!
Hats off to people like him who have the ability to be TRUSTED to complete a task !!!
Hats off to people like him who remain FOCUSED on their task irrespective of what is going around them!!!


Success Story – Arvind Kejriwal

arvind kejriwalArvind Kejriwal is a civil servant turned politician to fight the corruption at the grass root level in India. He left his comfortable position in IRS (Indian Revenue Services ) as Joint Commissioner of Income tax to dabble into politics with the mission to systematically eliminate corruption from India .
Arvind Kejriwal’s story is the story of setting the GOAL, dreaming of achieving the GOAL at all costs and reaching out to ACHIEVE IT . Mr. Kejriwal has made a remarkable entry into the Indian Political System by winning 2015 Delhi Assembly elections.

• Let what may come in the path of achieving our GOAL , let us stop not
• Set a goal for yourself and give everything for your GOAL
• Let setbacks on the path of achieving our GOAL stop us not.

Hats off to Mr. Kejriwal !!!
Hats off to heros like him achieve their goal with DETERMINATION!!!
Hats off to people like him who have the ability to make a COME BACK!!!