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Inner Calm

Incidentally, I was thinking about Samadhi in spiritual journey and was reading some text on spirituality when this incident of suicide case of one of the bollywood actor (Sushant Singh Rajput) happened. A thought struck inside me, how is Suicide different from Samadhi? In both the cases one chooses his time to leave for the heavenly abode.
The difference seems to lie in the way one leaves the body . The thoughts and process by which the yogis(enlightened beings) leave the body are very pious and the process itself is very scientific. They have mastered the process to leave the body and all this happens in a very peaceful and smooth manner. When a person commits suicide, he leaves the body with the thoughts of helplessness, dejection and the like. It seems he forces the process on himself.
It is always said in our spiritual texts, the thoughts with which we leave the body decides the future path for us. If anybody feels dejected by life, he can always embrace spirituality and reorient his journey. Why to abruptly end it in the weakest of the forms? Why not find strength with in him? Spirituality always leads to strength and inner calm. One can learn to enjoy one’s journey within.
May every human being find peace and bliss.


Mental health

Life has become so much dependent on technology that we delegate all our mental work which we used to do earlier on technology. With the advent of technology our brain is becoming less active and slow. So we can inculcate simple exercises for ourselves in our daily lives to keep our brain active like we can remember our OTPs and feed them when we are doing some transactions which I believe we are doing a lot now a days. This acts as a simple mental exercise for our selves. We can think of other activities of the like for ourselves where we try to remember small things that act as a good exercise for our brains. These small activities can go a long way to prevent and fight back mental slow down diseases like dementia that come with age.


Recent outbreak of COVID-19 – How to keep our kids engaged

A lot has been heard and said about the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO official website and other health departments official websites are constantly issuing advisories on social distancing and stay at home. We can plan a good family time with our kids and utilize this time for family bonding. Earlier many stay at home moms when gadgets were less of a distraction used to involve the kids in household activities. This used to be a two way tool. One side, that was visible and obvious was sharing of extra work that comes when everybody at home. The other part that was more deeper than this was family bonding. Working together on tasks offers us to spend quality time together as a family. Take a scenario wherein we are cooking , we can engage our kids in simple tasks such as washing and peeling veggies. If they are a bit older we can engage them in grating and cutting and make them stand by while we are cooking. We can cook our childrens’ favorite menu , which obviously serves as a motivation for them to get involved. This way we can devise small family events and engagements during this time of social distancing. Lets stay positive amid so much scare.
Stay healthy!!! Stay positive!!!


Inner Science Series – Part 5

Making the most of auspicious days:


The auspicious days in Hindu Mythology like Shivratri , Vaikunta Ekadasi and more are the days on which there is powerful alignment of stars and planets. Our ancestors were much more aware of star alignments and chose these days when there were strong celestial alignments. It seems strong portal of energy opens up on these days.

To make most of these celestial alignments we need to prepare our bodies for reception of this energy. Meditation makes our body outwardly and inwardly calm and we act like strong receptors of energy. We can make most on these days by stealing ourselves away from our normal routine timetable and making ourselves available for meditation. We can absorb ourselves into deep meditation. We can take small gaps in between as we may not be trained to sit for long hours. Let these breaks or gaps be worthwhile and we do not indulge ourselves into energy consuming or mind stimulating activities like watching television, working on mobiles or other such gadgets that take us away from ourselves. Keeping calm and observing silence will help us absorb this energy better.

Let’s make the most of celestial alignments.

Let’s move on the path of spirituality.