Parenting: The art of minimum

blog pictures 4 Let us learn the art of minimum.

Let us learn to live with the minimum things required. Our ancestors were happy people with minimum things and gadgets around them. The more things and gadgets we have around us the more we have messed up and screwed up our lives. Earlier the children used to go out in open to play but, with the gadgets around them they prefer to sit inside glued to these gadgets. Going out and playing with peers and managing out on the field helped them develop social and various other skills.

Let us all learn to differentiate between our needs and our wants. Needs are simply the things which we cannot do away with. But, wants have no ends. List of wants can go a long way. We want this because we enjoying doing this or we want this because everybody in our peer group is possessing this .The list of reasons for wants can go on. Needs are as simple as requiring food to live , requiring clothes to protect our body but the wants can be extended to eating exotic food or junk food to satisfy our taste palettes , wearing designer clothes and keeping an unmanageable collection of clothes.

The more things we have the more is the maintenance required and more is the time required to keep them in their proper places. Now a days with our busy schedules we have little time in our hands for our own selves. It is for us to choose whether we want the time we have in our hands to connect with the nature , connect with ourselves and connect with the people around us or we want to use that time in keeping things in order , maintaining things , clearing up the mess or sit glued to the gadgets we have .

It is very important to learn to live with bare minimum we have. Try to buy minimum things required at home. Try to buy one or two toys instead to bunch of them. Buying more of them will increase the time of putting back all the toys in place after the child has finished playing.This time can be saved and can be used to connect with the child. Try to keep your life simple with minimum use of gadgets.

Let us follow the principle :



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