What is the safe level of confidence a person should have?

Self Confidence is very important for a person to take a meaningful stand in one’s life .It is good to be Self confident but, being over confident and under confident both are detrimental.

Just like food taken in right dose is good and is necessary for the proper functioning of our body. But, both over nutrition and malnutrition are bad for the body. Both of them create diseases in the body. The nature of diseases caused by them may differ but, disease is a disease.

Over confident and under confidence both blur our thinking in the same manner as the presence of too much light or too little light blurs our vision. Presence of clouds in the sky obstructs the vision of the sun. Likewise, when we are overconfident or under confident our clarity of thinking is obstructed.

Too much or too little of medicine is bad. We need to take the right dose of medicine to get cured and we cannot take over dose or under dose.

It is very important for us to understand the boundary between Self confidence and over or under confidence. Now the very important question arises ,”How do we know whether we are not crossing our boundaries ?”. When this line is violated we tend to make more mistakes or there is loss of focus and stability in our thinking. As soon as any of such things start happening in our lives we should take some time off with ourselves to assess ourselves .