Inner Science Series – Part 1

Today , I was teaching chemistry to my daughter. The topic was “Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure”. In this chapter, there was a concept -“Every system tends to be more stable and chemical bonding is nature’s way of lowering the energy of the system to attain stability. Higher energy levels lead to instability of the system.” The purpose of bonding of atoms to form molecules is to reduce the overall energy of the system. As the energy levels of the system reduces the system becomes more and more stable.

I felt everything that is matter and everything that is beyond matter is interrelated. All the concepts of science are related to spirituality.

In spirituality , each of us is in search of stability and peaceful state of mind. We say that meditation makes us calm and stable. Our brain when in hyper active state is very unstable and generates a lot of thoughts. We are not peaceful in this state of mind. When we meditate, slowly the vibrations in our mind start slowing down, our thoughts start vanishing and the mindbecomes serene and calm like a deep ocean.

On closer look we will see both the concepts – in Chemistry and in Spirituality are the same. Both say the same thing- “Higher energy levels lead to instability in a system . Lowering the energy of the system the stability can be achieved.”

This concept can be extended to children who are hyper active. We usually see parents of hyperactive children being advised to put their children into sports or some sort of physical activity to expend their energy. It is same as saying reduce their energy levels by expending their energy so that they become calm and stable.


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