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Importance Of Extra-Curricular Activities in Child’s Life –Does your child take part in extracurricular activities?


Activities that fall out of the realm of the normal school curriculum are termed as extracurricular activities. These activities are taken up voluntarily by the children and are not mandatory.


•Help the child to make friends and improve upon social and interpersonal skills which are very important for survival in corporate life later on plus his normal life
•Help the child to have a better self esteem
•Enrich your child’s life experiences
•Help the child to become multitalented by learning new things and help him to become all round personality
•Studies show that children who take part in extracurricular activities do better in studies
•Help the child to develop interests in addition to studies
•Lessen negative things such as anti social behaviour
•Help as stress busters
•Open up new areas of career prospects
•Help in his physical development
•Help to develop team spirit
•Help the children to become creative


•Children stay outside for longer hours
•Parents need to shell out extra money and effort for that
•Children may feel tired
•People who carry out these activities should be worthy of trust

Concluding Note: As a parent you can weigh advantages and disadvantages and take a personal and informed call as to how do extracurricular activities stand out in your child’s life.