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Tips for preparation for CET exam

1. Make a proper plan before you actually start the preparation. You should be mentally clear about how you are going to do the preparation.

2. Theory type questions and proofs don’t come for CET exam but, revise the theory to be thorough with the concepts.

3. After revising the concepts thoroughly, make a list of formulas for each section and topic.After this try to solve MCQs and previous years question papers keeping time into consideration so that you have a check on your speed.

4. Maintain your calm as losing your calm may have an adverse affect on your preparation .

5. Be focused and determined.

6. First solve topic-wise questions and then go for solving mixed questions .

7. Take mock self tests. These will give you a feel of the real exam and when you take the real exam you won’t feel you are doing something new or different.

8. While solving maths questions make use of stop watch.Start the stop watch as soon as you start solving the question and stop as soon as finish the question.Use it for every question you do.This way you will come to know how much time you are spending on each question and slowly start increasing the speed.

9. Don’t leave the portions as all topics have a weightage.

10. Take out some time for physical exercise as this will help release tension.