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Help your children find their purpose in Life- A Viewpoint


Real happiness is found when we have a purpose in life and we are moving forward towards that purpose.

As long as we are on the journey and are moving each step forward towards the fulfilment of our goal or purpose, we are happy.

If the purpose is not there or we are not clear about our goals or there is confusion in our minds we don’t find real happiness and are lost in life. So, we need to prepare our children to find their goals and purpose in life. Once they are on the track they won’t have much distractions and will be focussed and purposeful.

With purpose and goal comes the will to work hard and achieve it. When we have a purpose we are ready to put the best of our effort .When the goals are not clear, we don’t know on which path we are moving , each step requires lot of effort from our side, each step seems to be very tiring and drenching . So, where is the question of putting the best effort in this case???

Always encourage your children to dream big in life and move high in life. It is well said that ‘Great Things’ were achieved by people who first dreamt big. Letting your children dream and letting them take the flight of their dreams is very important. This will give them a sense of fulfilment in life and in the end of life they will live a peaceful and satisfied life.



Learning a foreign language- Career Enhancement

Some students learn a foreign language for the love of the language, some learn for fun and frolic and some learn for career purpose.

Learning a foreign language can take you places careerwise. Today everything, every field is getting globalised and the world is shrinking.

Lot of multinational companies, have their clients everywhere in the world, while dealing with such clients it gives a competitive edge to the company and finally to the employees if local language of the client with whom they are dealing with is known. For example, if your company has clients in Japan it is very helpful if you know Japanese language because if you go to Japan and you don’t know Japanese it becomes very difficult to communicate with people over there. Similarly, if you are going to Singapore knowledge of Chinese along with English helps.

Moreover, you can look forward to work as teachers , interpreters ,translators or work in diplomatic services or in public relations area . Learning foreign language can also help you find jobs in tourism, airlines and hospitality sectors.

Spanish, French and German have always been high on learning demand. But, now the institutes are teaching several other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Finnish , Russian and many more.

While learning a foreign language right coaching and training along with individual calibre matters.

General view is that it is better to opt for a long term courses rather than vacation courses as you can learn more in longer duration courses.

Some of the Institutes teaching foreign languages:

• University of Mumbai and Delhi
• Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages, New Delhi
• Indo – Italian Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai
• Japanese Information and Cultural Centre, New Delhi
• Indo-Japan Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, Chennai
• Alliance Francaise ,located in several cities of India
• Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai
• Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai
• Acdemia Espanol, Mumbai
• Instituto Hispania, Mumbai
• Study Centre of Foreign Languages, Mumbai
• Pune University,Pune
• Rama Krishna Mission, Kolkata
• Institute of Foreign Language and Culture ,Basavangudi ,Bangalore
• Japanese Language School , Benson Town, Bangalore
• Bangalore University Foreign Languages Department
• School of Foreign Languages (SOFL),IGNOU.
• School of Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
• Rajasthan University ,Jaipur
• Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad
• Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Most of the Universities provide courses in foreign languages checkout.



What kind of food should a child be eating ?


Eating healthy food is very important for children. They need the energy to concentrate throughout the day not only for the classes but also for the extracurricular activities taking place. Mostly children are given heavy, hard to digest food and when they go and sit in the class or sit for self study sessions their attention and retention capacity goes very low. Food given to children should be such that the children do not feel sleepy after having it. Before important activities that require a  lot of concentration and energy such as examinations, sports tournaments etc or during the self study periods the following categories of foods should be given to the children.


Why whole grains are important?

Whole grains are rich in fibre and vitamins. They release the energy very slowly and the child feels full for longer. The child does not feel sleepy immediately after eating them as these foods release energy very  slowly.


In this category choices can be whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, broken wheat, oats, bran cereals.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

WHY fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. They help the child to grow and develop and  increase his vitality.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can easily be included for snacks and meals

Use as many different coloured fruits and vegetables as possible. Fruits  and vegetables can be had as salads, whole fruit / vegetables, juices (fruits/vegetables juices –vegetable juices are always a better option as they contain  less of sugars). It is always  better to have whole fruits than juices as fruits have natural sugars and are more filling.

3.  Proteins rich foods :

     Why proteins are important?

Proteins help to build, maintain and replace the tissues of the body .Muscles, organs and immune system are  mostly  made  up of  proteins. Proteins are useful especially if there are increased energy requirements. 

Sources of proteins

Eggs , nuts, beans , sprouted lentils or pulses such as peas, chickpeas ,chicken etc.

4.  Low Fat dairy foods:

   Why low fat dairy foods are important?

Low fat dairy foods provide the child with calcium and Vitamin D .

  Sources for low fat dairy

Low fat cheese , Low fat yoghurt, skimmed milk, cow’s milk will also work

5.   Beverages:

Water is the best beverage for children to drink. Children should be encouraged to drink lots of water. They  should   cut down on soft drinks, caffeine products such as tea and coffee .They can take fruit/vegetable juices one or two  servings per day. Prefer freshly prepared juices as packaged juices contain more of additives and sugars. Vegetable juices are always  preferable over fruit juices due to low sugar content.


Ice-cream, Cakes , chocolates, biscuits, cream, sugary drinks(including packaged juices) as all these foods are loaded  with calories, fats and sugar.


1. Always choose foods that are rich in proteins –cheese, beans, sprouted lentils,  pulses , poultry, fish.

2. Don’t give  -burgers, cakes , pastries, burgers everyday .

3. Choose at least one starchy food-potato, bread, rice, banana

4. Eat a piece of fruit.

5. Eat at least one portion of raw vegetables- as a part of salad.