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Teach your children Responsibility -Part3


 Responsibility towards home and parents:

It is usually seen in most of the homes that children are busy watching television or playing while parents are doing all the household work.

Myths involved:
Myth 1:

Parents think that the children are too small to be involved in the household work .

Myth 2:

Children are already doing so much of work and are so much stressed and burdened by their study schedules so why burden them more???

But, the reality is that involving children in household tasks doesn’t take much of their precious time. On the other hand, they get a change from the monotonous life style and they feel more bonded and responsible towards home.

    A small sample to show the Activities and Ways to teach them resposibility

  • They can be made responsible for laying down table during meals and clearing the area after meals.
  • They can take up the responsibility of cutting salads and veggies.
  • If your child, while sitting and happily watching television, calls you to give him a glass of water or an apple, encourage him to help himself fetch the water or wash and peel the apple for himself.
  • While gardening give him some responsibility such as sowing new seeds or pruning of plants etc.
  • When the child comes back from school, college etc. encourage him to keep all his belongings in proper place.
  • Once a week encourage him to clean his cupboards and storage areas .He should be encouraged to keep his play area, study area and room clean.
  • When someone at home is unwell or is taking rest, he should be taught to show a responsible behaviour .


Teach your children responsibility-Part 2


Teaching Children Interpersonal Responsibility:
Teaching interpersonal responsibility means that children should be taught to take up responsibility of their behaviour while dealing with others.

Children should be taught compassion i.e. how other person feels .They should be taught to respect other person’s feelings.

Example situation 1:
Brother: Mummy why is Disha(sister) sad today? (Brother asking about his sister)
Mother: Disha(sister) lost in the tournament. Do you remember when you lost in running race ?
Brother: Yes, I remember I was very sad and down.
Mother: So, what will you do?
Brother: I will give her a big hug and take her out to play.

Example situation 2 :
Brother: Mummy why is Disha so happy today? (Brother asking about his sister)
Mother: Disha won the tournament. Do you remember when you won running race ?
Brother: Yes, I remember I was very happy and escalated. I wanted to share my happiness with someone.
Mother: So, what you will do?
Brother: I will give her a big hug and celebrate her joy with her.

Teach children to be sensitive to others feelings. Teach them to share the joyous as well as sad moments of others.

Children should be taught to work responsibly in a group.
You can make a group of children.Give them some theme to work on , it could be maintenance of the garden, maintenance of cleanliness of the building or the area, or creating awareness in your area about some issues etc . Give each child a responsibility .Maintain a chart of responsibility for each child. At the end of activity put remarks or smiling or sad faces depending upon how the child discharged his part of responsibility in the group activity.

• Let the child maintain his personal dairy in which he can maintain a record of how he behaved with his peers and how he tackled problematic situations. At the end of each week you can go through the dairy and make relevant remarks or suggestions.

Children learn by observing . We being adults should demonstrate a responsible behaviour while dealing with others. We should be honest in our dealings, should be compassionate towards others.

Example situation 1:
Child : Daddy why are you going to throw that cover in the dustbin .You can throw it here, on the side of the road.
Father: Dear child, we should never litter on roads.

Example Situation 2:
Child: Why did you return money to the hawker?
Father: Dear child, hawker by mistake returned me extra money. I returned him back the extra money he had paid.

Children should be taught to deal with other people with respect. They should not discriminate others on the basis of caste, creed or class.

• While attending some class or an activity in a group, if your children are better than others or able to finish the work earlier, they should be taught not to create disturbance or distract others. Children should be taught to act responsibly when attending some class or group activity.

Children should be taught self control when dealing with others. Self control means showing responsible behaviour towards others.

Children should be taught to be honest and not mislead others by telling lies or manipulating the truth. This is very important for creating an environment based on trust.


Teach your children responsibility – Part 1


As parents we should strive at teaching responsibility to our children very early in life. We should help them to grow up as responsible adults. There are different levels of responsibility-
• responsibility at personal level(personal responsibility)

• responsibility in dealing with others(interpersonal responsibility)

• responsibility towards home and parents

• responsibility towards society and country

Personal responsibility:
Children should be taught to take up personal responsibility.

• Let them make choices and teach them to live by their choices. Initially, they may be guided on how to make choices and slowly they should be left on their own. Choices given should be limited. Start by giving them little choices such as the choice to select menus on family outings, let them select what clothes they want to wear when going out on an occasion etc.

• They should be taught to own up the responsibility of their actions. They should never be encouraged to make others as scapegoats for the results of their actions or choices.

• They should be taught to take up the responsibility of their health and well being .

• They should be taught to take up the responsibility of doing their homeworks in time. Initially parents can be around guiding them to do their homeworks in time but slowly the responsibility of doing their homeworks should be shifted to children.

• They should be taught to take up responsibility for their exams preparation and take up the responsibility of their results henceforth.

• They should be taught to take up the responsibility of keeping their work area clean.

Tools that can be used as measures of responsibility quotient of children:

• Charts can be maintained. These charts should be pasted in the visible areas where children can see them now and then but should be kept out of sight of outside people.

• Table of their responsibility areas should be maintained and should be regularly updated with appropriate remarks after keen observation. At the end of one week or one month their responsibility quotient should be evaluated and they should be made aware of it.

Results of not accepting personal responsibility:
Children who are not taught to take up their personal responsibility
• don’t succeed much in life
• are highly dependent on others for their views
• grow up as emotionally weak personalities

Thought process of children who are not taught to take up their personal responsibility
• Life is unfair
• Someone else is responsible for their actions
• They always look for the reasons for their failures outside and never have the courage to look inside
• Always looking up for someone to help them out

Some Famous quotes on Responsibility

In the long run we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are our own responsibility.
Eleanore Roosevelt

If you take responsibility of yourself you will develop hunger to accomplish your dreams.
Les Brown

A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.
Bob Dylan

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.
John C .Maxwell

You must take personal responsibility.You can not change the circumstances,seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself.That is something you have charge of.
Jim Rohn

Accept the responsibility for your life.Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go,no one else.
Les Brown