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Meditation in Motion – Part 1


Tai Chi:

Tai chi is a form of martial art that is often referred to as moving meditation. Tai chi helps you to find balance between your mind and body .It works on the belief that focussing mind fully on movements brings mental peace and relaxation, which in turn helps one in reducing stress and anxiety levels. In addition to developing physical discipline, it helps one to focus his energies in constructive ways.

Tai Chi is a very slow form of workout that involves graceful movements along with proper breathing .It is a rhythmic series of movement with one movement leading to another in a very smooth manner.

Tai chi means directing of life force or energy inside our body. Tai chi has following elements:

•Taolu meaning solo hand and weapons routines/forms
•Neigong and qigong meaning breathing, movement and awareness exercises and meditation
•Tuishou meaning response drills
•Sanshou meaning self defence techniques

In China, tai chi is categorized under the Wudang grouping of Chinese martial art which is a form of arts concerned with internal power.

Although you can learn Tai Chi from videos ,etc . but, it is always better to learn Tai Chi under a well trained instructor for full benefits. A proper teacher will teach you all the movements along with proper breathing and also teach you how to focus the energies while exercising. Thus, instructor has a great role in imparting proper technique. Anything you learn is useful only if you do it using the right method and technique.



How to choose a Career

In earlier days people used to work for the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. With the passage of time more complex things came into being and with this complexity , came more complexity into the type of work performed by people. With the advent of gadgets people were required for their designing , manufacturing and maintenance. With the increase in complexity of life situations people were required for administration and maintenance of law and order. So, now at this stage, work is not only required for basic tasks of getting food , clothing and shelter but also for more complex tasks such a designing of aircrafts etc.

Today people have a pool of careers to choose from. Choice of career is very important as it affects the whole life of an individual. So, while choosing our career two questions need to be answered:

Q1.Why should I be choosing this career?
Q2.How this career will affect me?

Following points will guide you to answer these questions for yourself:

Before choosing a career spend some time with yourself and know yourself better:

    Find out for yourself what are your likes and what are your dislikes? What are the areas that interest you?
    What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? Remember ultimately we need to bank on our strengths and not weaknesses.
    What is your sense of security? Are you adventurous and risk taking or you yearn for security in life? Would you like to be your own boss or would you be happy following the leader?

    NOTE: Remember risk and reward are directly proportional .Greater the risk taking ability greater the rewards and vice a versa.

    Where would you like to be in 10 years down the line?

    NOTE: Take a look into the career options with objectivity and see where they will lead you? Do they provide with enough challenges and opportunities for desired growth and development in the career graph?

    Do you have a hobby where in you would like to spend more of your energy and time and mould it into a career for yourself?

    Would you like to work in a fast paced world or would like to do something that moves on a slow pace?


    The choice of career also affects social standing of a person. In a gathering when somebody is introduced as CEO of a company, people guess rest of the things such as his calibre, skills and education from that only. Thus, our career speaks a lot for us.


    The career we choose will ultimately affect our whole life style and being. So, before making a career choice be very clear as to what kind of life you would like to lead.

    When we choose a particular career, we spend major productive chunk of our daily time in a particular type of environment and we tend to work and think in that way in our normal daily lives too. Thus, in which ever field we work it starts becoming a part of our personality. For example, if the individual is in teaching field he will start teaching and giving instructions at home also. A doctor will behave in a peculiar fashion at home also with a more hygienic way of life.

Choice of career should not be a matter of chance or compulsions but it should be long and objectively thought of process.
Always follow your passion. Don’t go for something because it is trendy or because of peer pressure. Remember a useful chunk of our time in this life will be spent working and if we don’t enjoy what we do then we are heading for a torturous life for ourselves.

If in dilemma while taking decision regarding choice of career try talking to people who are already into that career. It may help you.


Success Story – Arunima Sinha

mt everest 3

It is the story of valour and fighting back for life. It is the story that tells us that nothing can stop us but we ourselves. It is the story of an amputated girl Arunima Sinha from India, who scaled the mightiest and most gigantic Mount Everest to become the First Female Amputee to scale Mount Everest.

Two years back tragedy struck this woman , who was a volley ball player at that time. She was thrown out of a moving train by thieves for resisting to chain snatching. One of her legs was crushed by a moving by train. In order to save her life doctors had no choice but to amputate her leg.

“At that time everyone was worried for me. I then realised I had to do something in my life so that people stop looking at me with pity”, Sinha told Indian TV before leaving for the climb.

So, this is really what is required to succeed in life “A never giving up attitude”. However , big the hurdles may come in life the spirit to fight back should never end.

Sinha’s climb was sponsored by The Tata Steel Adventure Foundation and she was trained and guided by Sherpa’s Asian Trekking company in 2012.

Tom Whittaker, a British mountaineer, was the first person with disability(amputated foot) to scale Mount Everest in 1998.

Hats off to Arunima Sinha!!!!
Hats off to Tom Whittaker!!!!
Hats off to people like them who show the courage to fight back and come up !!!!



Help your children find their purpose in Life- A Viewpoint


Real happiness is found when we have a purpose in life and we are moving forward towards that purpose.

As long as we are on the journey and are moving each step forward towards the fulfilment of our goal or purpose, we are happy.

If the purpose is not there or we are not clear about our goals or there is confusion in our minds we don’t find real happiness and are lost in life. So, we need to prepare our children to find their goals and purpose in life. Once they are on the track they won’t have much distractions and will be focussed and purposeful.

With purpose and goal comes the will to work hard and achieve it. When we have a purpose we are ready to put the best of our effort .When the goals are not clear, we don’t know on which path we are moving , each step requires lot of effort from our side, each step seems to be very tiring and drenching . So, where is the question of putting the best effort in this case???

Always encourage your children to dream big in life and move high in life. It is well said that ‘Great Things’ were achieved by people who first dreamt big. Letting your children dream and letting them take the flight of their dreams is very important. This will give them a sense of fulfilment in life and in the end of life they will live a peaceful and satisfied life.



Healthy Lifestyle is the best legacy we can pass to our kids- A Viewpoint


As parents we should strive to inculcate health conscious habits in kids and teach them how to lead and maintain a healthy life style.

•We along with our kids can go in for morning exercise sessions. Once this becomes a habit for them they will know for themselves the benefits of morning exercise. This will keep them active mentally and physically. Soon they will know the difference between the days they go for exercising and the days they don’t go for exercising.

•Good eating habits form a part of healthy life style. Now a days it is seen that children keep on munching junk food. We as parents need to discourage this and make a shift towards healthy eating habits. We should keep our children well informed about the food value of various foods and how it affects our body.

•Regular Meditation can also be introduced into their daily routine. Once they form the habit of meditating , knowing of course the right technique , this will help them in mastering their mind. Their mind will not wander unnecessarily and unwanted chattering of mind will stop. They will be in control of their thoughts and can direct their mind like a chauvinist to what they want it to think and not expend their energies in unnecessary thoughts.


Make your children financial savvy – Part I


We should make our children learn to handle finances early in life. Open a personal account for them in a bank and encourage them to make regular savings from their pocket money etc. Putting the habit of saving money is very important, it will help them when they grow up as adults. Growing up as spendthrifts hits them in later stages of life.

Teach them all banking operations such as making demand drafts , putting their money in fixed deposits , handling recurring deposit accounts etc.

Let them fill the forms for making demand drafts for education fees etc.

Let them fill in deposit slips and withdrawal slips of their bank accounts.

Teach them everything about managing, investing and saving money.

Some important calculations and formulas that need to be taught to them.
How to use these formulas?

The calculations can be done manually or on MS excel worksheet using ‘=’ sign before the calculations.

Q.1 I want to invest Rs.50000 in a bank fixed deposit for 5 years at 9 per cent interest per annum. How much will I get on maturity?

When money is put in a fixed deposit for a certain period, the final amount needs to be calculated using compound interest formula. The interest earned is a fixed percentage per annum but banks usually compound it every quarter. You get more from quarterly compounding than from annual compounding.


You need to check the terms and conditions with your bank to find out what kind of compounding is done i.e. whether annual compounding or quarterly compounding.

Maturity Value = P * (1+ R% ) ^ N

In the above case ,
Amount Invested i.e. Principal amount ,P = Rs.50,000
Rate of interest per annum ,R = 9%
Time duration in years , N = 5 years.

Case 1

: For annual compounding :
Maturity value = P * (1+ R% ) ^ N
= 50000 * (1 + 9% ) ^ 5
= 76931.19775


: For quarterly compounding :
The above formula is modified to:
Maturity Amount = P * (1 + R% /4) ^ (4 * N)
= 50000 * (1 + 9/400) ^ (4*5)
= Rs 78025.46

To calculate using Ms Excel use the formula as =50000*(1+9%/4) ^ (4*5) and press enter key once you have entered the formula.(don’t forget to put ‘=’ sign in front of the formula)


‘ * ‘ Operation stands for multiplication
‘ ^ ‘ Operation stands for ‘raise to the power’


Learning a foreign language- Career Enhancement

Some students learn a foreign language for the love of the language, some learn for fun and frolic and some learn for career purpose.

Learning a foreign language can take you places careerwise. Today everything, every field is getting globalised and the world is shrinking.

Lot of multinational companies, have their clients everywhere in the world, while dealing with such clients it gives a competitive edge to the company and finally to the employees if local language of the client with whom they are dealing with is known. For example, if your company has clients in Japan it is very helpful if you know Japanese language because if you go to Japan and you don’t know Japanese it becomes very difficult to communicate with people over there. Similarly, if you are going to Singapore knowledge of Chinese along with English helps.

Moreover, you can look forward to work as teachers , interpreters ,translators or work in diplomatic services or in public relations area . Learning foreign language can also help you find jobs in tourism, airlines and hospitality sectors.

Spanish, French and German have always been high on learning demand. But, now the institutes are teaching several other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Finnish , Russian and many more.

While learning a foreign language right coaching and training along with individual calibre matters.

General view is that it is better to opt for a long term courses rather than vacation courses as you can learn more in longer duration courses.

Some of the Institutes teaching foreign languages:

• University of Mumbai and Delhi
• Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages, New Delhi
• Indo – Italian Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai
• Japanese Information and Cultural Centre, New Delhi
• Indo-Japan Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, Chennai
• Alliance Francaise ,located in several cities of India
• Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai
• Cultural Centre of Russia, Mumbai
• Acdemia Espanol, Mumbai
• Instituto Hispania, Mumbai
• Study Centre of Foreign Languages, Mumbai
• Pune University,Pune
• Rama Krishna Mission, Kolkata
• Institute of Foreign Language and Culture ,Basavangudi ,Bangalore
• Japanese Language School , Benson Town, Bangalore
• Bangalore University Foreign Languages Department
• School of Foreign Languages (SOFL),IGNOU.
• School of Languages, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
• Rajasthan University ,Jaipur
• Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad
• Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Most of the Universities provide courses in foreign languages checkout.


Teach your children Responsibility -Part3


 Responsibility towards home and parents:

It is usually seen in most of the homes that children are busy watching television or playing while parents are doing all the household work.

Myths involved:
Myth 1:

Parents think that the children are too small to be involved in the household work .

Myth 2:

Children are already doing so much of work and are so much stressed and burdened by their study schedules so why burden them more???

But, the reality is that involving children in household tasks doesn’t take much of their precious time. On the other hand, they get a change from the monotonous life style and they feel more bonded and responsible towards home.

    A small sample to show the Activities and Ways to teach them resposibility

  • They can be made responsible for laying down table during meals and clearing the area after meals.
  • They can take up the responsibility of cutting salads and veggies.
  • If your child, while sitting and happily watching television, calls you to give him a glass of water or an apple, encourage him to help himself fetch the water or wash and peel the apple for himself.
  • While gardening give him some responsibility such as sowing new seeds or pruning of plants etc.
  • When the child comes back from school, college etc. encourage him to keep all his belongings in proper place.
  • Once a week encourage him to clean his cupboards and storage areas .He should be encouraged to keep his play area, study area and room clean.
  • When someone at home is unwell or is taking rest, he should be taught to show a responsible behaviour .