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Success Story-Yuvaraj Singh


Yuvaraj Singh, the famous Indian Cricketer, was detected with the life threatening disease CANCER. It came as a shock to him as well as his fans all over. But, he soon composed himself and stood up to fight the deadly disease with great inner strength.

After fighting and overcoming his death, he is seen back into action. He dreams to be back into the Indian Cricket team and is seen sweating and working harder to get his place back. Meanwhile, he has authored the book “The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back “(Random House India, co-authored by Sharda Ugra and Nishant Jeet Arora) which acts as inspiration for millions who are faced by challenges in their lives and dare to take a leap forward inspite of situations going against them.


People who see death so closely know the real value of LIFE. Most of the time we take LIFE for granted and are not aware of what great treasure we have with us, what a great thing it is to lead a NORMAL LIFE. He now claims to be a changed person who values life more than before.

Hats off to Yuvaraj Singh!!!
Hats off to people like him who fight back for life with never giving up attitude and dare to start afresh with renewed vigour!!!


Self Expression is important for personal well being


Each one of us needs to find a way to express himself. Expressing ourselves has a lot to do with our overall well being.

Pent up feelings and unexpressed thoughts start becoming blockages in the path of our progress as well as our mental peace. When we are not able to express ourselves, we feel suffocated .We need to find ways in which we can express ourselves in a meaningful and positive manner. Outlet is very much required for our feelings and thoughts. Once we express ourselves we are at peace with ourselves and we feel very light within .This opens path for optimum use of our capabilities.

Expressing ourselves is as important for our living and leading a peaceful life as food is for our body, as sunlight is for plants, as air is for life.

Some of the Common Reasons for not expressing ourselves:
• Lack of Self Confidence
• Shyness
• Fear of non acceptance by others
• Circumstances don’t allow
• Lack of communications skills or lack of proper means of communication

Whatever be the case, we can always train ourselves to express ourselves in a positive and meaningful manner.

Various Ways of Self Expression that can be looked into are:
• Art and creativity is a good way to express ourselves. Great painters, sculptors and designers over time have been able to express their thought process through their art work. Whatever you feel can be put in the form of art.
• Writing is a very powerful tool of self expression. Writing is strongly recommended as a way to put your thoughts and feelings in words. Writing should become a habit for us. We can maintain a personal dairy where in we can write whatever we feel about.
• Dance is also a way of self expression. You can always express yourself through the form of dance.
• Singing is another way of self expression.
• Talk yourself out.
• Teaching can also be considered as a way to express yourself.


-> As parents you may look into helping your children in finding ways to express themselves.
->As a grown up you may yourself look into ways you can express yourself meaningfully.



Meditation in Motion- Part 3


Dance is another form of meditation in motion. While dancing you invoke the life force that is flowing through you. Dance is method of bringing inner stillness while moving.

Meditation means emptying of mind and entering a void space where our soul surfaces, bringing peace .In dancing we enter this meditative state or trans-state of mind but through rather a different door.

Dances were from days of yore associated with spirituality. They have the ability to take us to trans-state of mind if performed with focus on mental discipline along with physical movements. With practising of steps and movements dancers slowly move towards the fine balancing and grounding techniques. Dancing done with intention of attaining spirituality do lead us to meditative state. Thus, intention setting is very important step before one starts dancing.

•Sufi dance is well recommended dance for meditation. Whirling around takes you to a different plane of consciousness and makes it very easy for you to connect to higher self. Whirling can be associated with spinning of planets around the sun.

•Kathak Yoga is a new technique developed for mediation purpose.

•Qi Gong Fan dance is another form of meditative dance.

•Hoop dance is also now being used for meditative purposes as well.


Bhag Milkha Bhag (meaning Run Milkha Run) – Movie Review

Bhag Milkha Bhag

It is a movie inspired by the life of Milkha Singh . Milkha Singh is a veteran Indian athelete. Milkha Singh has won several medals for India in events such as Asian games, Olympics etc. He was given the title of ‘Flying Sikh’ by Pakistan’s then president Ayub Khan after winning an athletic event held there.

It is a movie of racing ones dreams and fulfilling them with determination. Milkha Singh’s life was full of hardships and struggle. Inspite of all this he struggled to fulfil his dreams and reached to the top.


Farhan Akhtar (Milkha Singh), Sonam Kapoor, Prakash Raj, Rebecca Breeds, Meesha Shafi, Divya Dutta.

Produced and Directed By:

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.


• Inspires one to chase ones dreams
• Inspires one to move ahead inspite of all the challenges posed by life
• Journey to the top is lonely and is full of sacrifices

Violence: Few violence scenes are there
Can watch with family: Yes
Intimacy scenes: Yes
Objectionable scenes: Adult intimacy is there
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: Hindi, Punjabi(occasionally),English(occasionally)
Ratings on motivational part: *****

Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok


Career in Event Management

Events take place at different levels:

Personal level:

Events such as birthday parties, wedding parties, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies etc.

Academic level:

School Day, Quiz Competitions, Inter School Competitions, Annual Day, Sports Meets, Inter College meets and fests ,Seminars etc.

Corporate Level:

Annual General meeting, Award Distribution ceremonies, Product launches, Conferences, Congresses, Exhibitions, etc.

Cultural level:

Big Festive events, Cultural programs, Religious Events, Social gatherings etc.

Entertainment level:

Fashions shows, Film premieres etc.

Sports level :

Events such as Asian games, Olympics, league matches etc.

Event managers are the people who take up the job to make an event successful and memorable.
If you are a person who has following qualities then you can think of getting into event management field:

•You are a social person with a big social network and are good at public relations .You love interacting with people of all sorts and are really good at it.
Reason: In this field you will be interacting with and dealing with lot of people from different backgrounds, culturally and educationally. Social skills play a very important role as in this field you will be dealing with lot of clients.

•You are a creative person and can think out of box. You have originality in your thoughts .
Reason: In event management you are required to organise events .The more creativity you use the more chances of making the event a success.

•You are a kind of person who can work under pressure and maintain cool of mind.
Reason: In event management you have to constantly work under the pressure of deadlines and need to work up to expectations of the clients.

•You are an organised person.
Reason: In event management you will be organising big events .You will be required to organise all activities and people in a proper manner.

•You are a good manager.
Reason: The event should be properly managed.

•You are a person who has risk taking ability.
Reason: When organizing an event you should always be ready to expect the unexpected.

Tasks of an event manager may include:

•Site identification and site surveying
•Budgeting and cash flow management
•Risk management
•First aid and crowd management
•Procuring any licences required
•Designing and planning the show

Educational background:

Various organisations provide diplomas and degrees in event management.
Various certified courses that can be acquired are:
Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM)
Certified Manager of Exhibits (CME)
Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)
Global Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)
Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP).


Depends upon the company you join and your skill.

A piece of advice :

In this field you will always be better if you start on your own after gaining experience.


Meditation in Motion-Part 2


Yoga is another form of meditation in motion. It is a way of integrating mind ,body and soul.

Sitting and trying to meditate takes a lot time and practice. It is definitely possible and people have achieved it but , with great effort. Yoga is a easy way of focusing your mind first on asanas and slowly shifting attention to breath.

Studies show that regular yoga practice helps us to focus better, feel relaxed, increases our concentration and memory. Our mind is not cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, yoga helps in clearing way for better thinking .

You may notice that when you are tensed or angry or when your mind is very active, your breath is shorter. The essence of yoga is to concentrate on asanas and along with it move your attention and be aware of your breath. All asanas are associated with breathing sequences, each step is associated with a breathing pattern. So in yoga you move from physical asanas to subtle movements of breath and become aware of your breathing pattern. This leads to relaxation.

It is well known that no machine can work with hundred percent efficiency if it is working for twenty four hours round the clock. It needs rest. It needs time to cool down otherwise , it will break down and finish due to wear and tear. Same is the case with our fast paced lives. We need to do a lot. We need to achieve a lot .When we are in the state of activity or hyper-activity our brain waves move very fast. With all this running there is always an inner subtle urge for taking a break from all the activities.

We need to understand the importance of slowing down at times. We need to learn to slow down our brain activity as with that comes relaxation, clarity of thoughts and intuition (i.e. we are able to hear our inner voice clearly).

First, we slow down our physical body movements and then we slow down our breath which leads to slowing down of brain activity and this leads us to a state of bliss.

It is said that when we slow down our brain activity, it is only then we receive cosmic energy. Our thoughts are a blockage to reception of cosmic energy which is very much necessary for our well being.


Take out a moment to ponder


What has happened in Uttarakhand in India, is Nature’s way of telling us that She deserves attention.

Nature is crying for the DUE LEGITIMATE ATTENTION.

We need to understand that when we take so much from Nature, we should learn to give her back. With rights come responsibilities. One way traffic doesn’t workout well. It creates imbalance. This imbalance is projected in many ways.

Nature has her own way of telling us and reminding us of this imbalance. Time and again nature has warned us through tsunamis, cyclones, floods etc.

She has been pleading us, first through softer and then through harder ways –

Her constant pleads are falling on deaf ears. We are not listening to what Nature has to say.

What happens when one is deprived of one’s due rights?

First dissatisfaction is created. Then, come the silent protests. When the silent protests go unnoticed, then come the violent protests.
So, what are we all waiting for ???
Do we want more violent protests from Nature to listen to what She has to say?

Let us all carry out our part of responsibility towards Nature. Let us begin giving back to Nature her share. Don’t see if somebody else is doing or not. Don’t wait for somebody else to start. Start it with yourself .Concentrate on what you should be doing and not what others should be doing. Too much of talk is there and little of action. Let us reverse this pattern with more of action and less of talking.



Success Story – Aiyesha Farooq


Aiyesha Farooq has become the first combat-ready female fighter pilot in Pakistan.

She was at loggerheads with her widowed and uneducated mother when she wanted to join airforce seven years ago. She hails from a society where girls don’t even think of doing things such as flying aircraft. She came up and stood against all odds and barriers of Pakistan’s conservative society and taboos attached with it and made this choice for her.

She stood up for her beliefs and dreams and is an icon for everyone who dares to stand up for his beliefs and dreams. She has chartered a path for others to follow — A path of DIGNITY and SELF RELIANCE.

People like her have the power to change the society’s and nation’s way of thinking.

Hats off to Aiyesha Farooq!!!
Hats off to people like her who move into unchartered territories, charting a course for others to follow!!!