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Attract Goodness in Your lives


We all need to learn to open up and expand .
First Scenario
We start to contract , we always think in terms of ME. Always such thoughts arise in our minds as
• What about me?
• What will happen to me?
• How can I get this or that?
We start moving within a shell. We need to realise we are closing ourselves from many good things in life.


Second Scenario
We start to open up and do as many good things in our lives as possible. Always such thoughts arise in our mind as
• What best we can do for others?
• How can I be useful to others?
• How can I serve others:

In each one of the scenarios, we come from a different space altogether.

In first scenario we come from the space of lack and in the second scenario we come from the space of abundance.
When we come from the space of lack we always feel that something or the other is missing from our lives. This way of thinking and living creates unhappiness and dissatisfaction in our lives.

When we come from the space of abundance which each one of us is already into ,we feel no dearth of anything in our lives. We feel we are the source of abundance of everything .This thought creates happiness and bliss in our lives. We don’t feel lack of anything instead we feel the source of many things.

Develop the habit of asking yourself and those around you “ What good thing you have done today? “
An act of goodness attracts goodness in our own lives.

We need to be grateful in our lives for all good things we have. It is written in bible ,” Whoever has will be given more ,and he will have in abundance. Whoever does not have , even what he has will be taken from him”.
“Whoever has will be given more “simply means he who feels he has enough and is grateful for whatever he has, will attract more GOOD THINGS in his life .
“Whoever does not have , even what he has will be taken from him” means that one who always feels lack and is not grateful for what he has will loose even whatever he has.The more lack feel one feels , the more LACK he will attract.

So, it depends upon us how we want to feel and what we want to attract in our lives.
It is our choice we want to see the Glass as HALF EMPTY or HALF FULL.

Note: As parents we can teach our children gratitude and abundance. Let them feel that they have enough with them to serve others .


Success Story- Natalia Partyka:


Natalia Partyka is a world renowned table table tennis player. The special thing about this player is that she was born without right hand and fore arm and in spite of her personal short coming, she has made a place for herself in international table tennis.

Partyka at the age of 11 years played paralympics and was the youngest player to compete in any sport.

In 2004, she won a gold medal in the singles event and silver in the team event at the Athens Paralympics.

In 2006, Partyka won three gold medals at the European Paralympic Championships, one gold and two silvers at the International Paralympic Committee’s Table Tennis World Championships for Disabled, and a silver in the team event at the ITTF European Junior Championship. She won two silver medals and one bronze at the 2007 edition of the latter competition.

Also in 2007, Partyka won three gold medals at the European Paralympic Championships, and a bronze at the ITTF World Junior Teams Championships.

In 2004, she won two gold medals at the International Table Tennis Federation’s European Championships for Cadets, which was open to able-bodied competitors. In 2012 she qualified for Olympics for the second time. Anyone would wonder what is special about this? Several players made to Olympics for the second time! Wait a second, special thing about Natalia Partyka was that she was competing with able-bodied Olympians. She was selected for both Olympics and Paralympics events. She hails from Poland and made into the final 32 in the Women’s Single Table Tennis Event.

For her achievements she received Knight’s cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (5th class) in 2008.

• Nothing can stop us from achieving anything if our Will to achieve it is strong enough.
• Let none of our shortcomings stop us from achieving our dreams.
• Follow your heart, you can reach wherever you want.
• Try to hear the unique inner call which can be heard by oneself alone.

Hats off to Natalia Partyka!!!
Hats off to people like her who are tough fighters in their real lives!!!
Hats off to people like her who move ahead in life with never giving up attitude!!!



Reinventing Oneself


What is reinventing?




On death and rebirth of a person, soul is believed to leave the older body and enter a new body in a new environment. Reinventing oneself is the same intense change. Reinventing is not about small changes we bring about in ourselves. It is same as leaving the old “I and me “ and embracing a new “I and me”.

Reinvention is same as evolution of a species. Like human beings evolved with time to be what they are today leaving behind what was not required and not necessary and modified and enhanced what was necessary.


Who can think of reinventing?

When things are not working our way or when we feel nothing is going fine in our lives or in our careers we need to step back and take out a moment with ourselves .We need to think of reinventing ourselves.

Why should one consider to reinvent ?

Time keeps on changing and so do situations around us. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves to keep pace with changing times. People who do not reinvent , stagnate and are left behind.
When you stop swimming in a pool you drown.

How to invent oneself ?

Feel the need for change
First step to reinvention is feeling the need to change oneself.

Visualise the change
Second step to reinvention is to visualise the change you expect to bring about in yourself and in your life.

Implement the change on actual grounds
Third step to reinvention is to start walking on the new path – The path of NEWER SELF and THE CHANGED SELF.

Note: As parents we can help our children to reinvent if we feel they are not succeeding by their way and the door in front of them is closed.


Ferrari Ki Sawaari- Movie Review


Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a movie about seeing dreams and chasing one’s dreams .

The movie shows a very sweet and healthy relationship between a father and a son. It shows how a father dreams big for his son in spite of his modest means . Father ( Rusy) is shown to be a very committed father and does everything possible to fulfill his son’s
( Kayo’s ) dream of playing as a successful cricketer. It shows the struggle of a father who dreams big for his son in spite of his limitations.

Movie shows both the brighter side and the darker side of competitive sports .It shows a real picture of what kind of struggle and challenges are faced in the field of competitive sports. On the brighter side Kayo is shown to fulfill his dream of playing in the Lord’s Cricket ground and on the darker side his grand father is shown to be lost in life due to his unfulfilled dream of making into Indian Cricket Team.

Directed By: Rajesh Mapuskar
Produced by: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Learning :
• Where there is a WILL there is a WAY.

• Dream big in Life and follow your dreams till you meet them .

• Be positive in life even while facing hardships.

• While teaching values to children , parents need to act as role models for their children.

Violence: None
Can watch with family: Yes
Intimacy scenes: None
Objectionable scenes: None
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: Hindi
Ratings on motivational part: ****
Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok