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Career – Self defence

Self defence is an area which holds great opportunities. With ever increasing rates of violence and crimes especially against women and older people and so much media focus on these crimes,this is the right time to look into an opportunity in this field. All the negative news coming in can be looked into as opportunity in disguise.

Tasks involved in self defence training may include:

Handling of psychological part. Activities involved may include improving on self confidence, making people proactive etc.
Herein, you may have to deal with common myths and stereotypes such as women are made to think and believe that they are weak and require a male member for their security.
The outcome expected from psychological part of training is that people should be able to believe that they are capable enough to defend themselves.

Providing physical training such as martial arts etc.

Outcome expected from this part of training is that clients become capable enough with the hard skills involved in self defence.

Creation of hypothetical and mock drills to deal with unpleasant situations and training the clients to handle them effectively. This can be simulated on the same pattern as military and police training drills.
Outcome expected from this part of training is that clients have an hand-on experience to deal with unpleasant experiences.

Making clients aware of preventive measures that need to be taken. This can be based on interaction and data collection from live experiences of people.
Objective to be met with this part of activity is to make clients aware that “Prevention is always better than cure.”

Where to look for opportunities:

• You can tie up with educational institutions to impart training in self defence.
• You can run your own self defence training institute.
• You can reach out to organisations such as banks, hospitals, multinationals etc, especially areas wherein women need to work at odd hours and offer to train professionals for self defence.
• You can tie up with associations in closed communities such as apartment complexes etc. wherein self defence training can be provided to all age groups . Here customised training packages can be provided for different age groups.

Who can look into taking up opportunity in this field:

• If you have entrepreneurial skills.
• If you yearn to start something of your own.
• If you can either pool trainers and showcase your management skills or are yourself trained in self defence and psychology.
Note: You are always at benefit if you are well-versed with the skills required as it cuts dependency on others for skill. Well trained martial art trainer can find a lot of new opportunities emerging for him.
• You need to have risk taking ability.

A piece of advice:

In this field you will be better off if you start on your own.