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Parenting – Subhashini Vasanth a success story

Mrs. Subhashini Vasanth, renowned Bharatnatyam Dancer, founded Vasantha Ratna Foundation in the memory of her husband, Col Vasanth Venugopal, who was awarded the Ashok Chakra (Posthumous), India’s highest gallantry award for exemplary bravery in action in Jammu & Kashmir in 2007. He became the first recipient of the Ashoka Chakra from Karnataka State when the award was presented posthumously on Republic Day 26th Jan 2008 by the president of India.

What is special about this lady is her not giving in attitude . Battling the loss of her martyred husband she created a support system for the families of armed forces.

She did not let herself down in the midst of misery and came over the personal loss and started her sojourn of helping other women facing the same circumstances and feeling the same pain within. This new mission helped her to come above herself and see the new sky. Instead, of sitting back and thinking of her own self she chose the path of serving others and giving to others. This expansion of her limits and boundaries made her forget her own miseries.

Her words :
“When you get a really shocking blow in life you..you go to that point of just freeze and that’s where I feel you either discover your strength or you sink”
“In trying to reach out to these other women I actually healed. It is the process I can see I believe and so the whole paradigm shifts in our lives to “ What we can GIVE is more important than what we GET”. Now I really don’t think what I will get.”


  • In the time of adversity we need to decide which path to choose – we need to let our boat sailing or we want it to sink.
  • Expansion is LIFE and Contraction is DEATH.

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Success Story- Natalia Partyka:


Natalia Partyka is a world renowned table table tennis player. The special thing about this player is that she was born without right hand and fore arm and in spite of her personal short coming, she has made a place for herself in international table tennis.

Partyka at the age of 11 years played paralympics and was the youngest player to compete in any sport.

In 2004, she won a gold medal in the singles event and silver in the team event at the Athens Paralympics.

In 2006, Partyka won three gold medals at the European Paralympic Championships, one gold and two silvers at the International Paralympic Committee’s Table Tennis World Championships for Disabled, and a silver in the team event at the ITTF European Junior Championship. She won two silver medals and one bronze at the 2007 edition of the latter competition.

Also in 2007, Partyka won three gold medals at the European Paralympic Championships, and a bronze at the ITTF World Junior Teams Championships.

In 2004, she won two gold medals at the International Table Tennis Federation’s European Championships for Cadets, which was open to able-bodied competitors. In 2012 she qualified for Olympics for the second time. Anyone would wonder what is special about this? Several players made to Olympics for the second time! Wait a second, special thing about Natalia Partyka was that she was competing with able-bodied Olympians. She was selected for both Olympics and Paralympics events. She hails from Poland and made into the final 32 in the Women’s Single Table Tennis Event.

For her achievements she received Knight’s cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (5th class) in 2008.

• Nothing can stop us from achieving anything if our Will to achieve it is strong enough.
• Let none of our shortcomings stop us from achieving our dreams.
• Follow your heart, you can reach wherever you want.
• Try to hear the unique inner call which can be heard by oneself alone.

Hats off to Natalia Partyka!!!
Hats off to people like her who are tough fighters in their real lives!!!
Hats off to people like her who move ahead in life with never giving up attitude!!!



Mulan – Movie Review


Mulan is a movie about a Chinese girl named Mulan , hailing from a loving family and living in a conservative society. She dreams and wants to do something different but isn’t quiet sure what to do.

At that time China is attacked by Hun army and China’s army is short of soldiers to fight back. King orders one person from each family to join army to fight back Huns. Mulan is the only daughter of Fasoo. Her father is old and feeble and incapable to fight , but, has to join army as per king’s order. Mulan doesn’t like this idea and rebels. She leaves her home to join army in the guise of a man , as women were not allowed to join army. She joins army as Ping and saves the China’s army and destroys Hun’s army. She is hailed for her valour but soon her identity opens and she is told to leave. Being left behind she sees Huns coming back to life and leaves for the place where victory celebrations are going on . Nobody listens to her warnings and in the meantime Huns attack and capture the king. Mulan once again helps to rescue the king and destroy the Huns. She is recognised for her bravery by the king and is given a responsible position in the court. She is hailed by everybody. She returns home to meet her father and presents the gifts ,given to her by the king ,before her father. Father feels very proud of his daughter and is very happy for her.

Remarks: Mulan is an animation movie. Movie is based on centuries old Chinese poem the “Ballad of Mulan”. It has till date not been known that whether Fa Mulan was a historical character or was a character created for the purpose of the poem.

Directed By:

Tony Bancroft , Barry Cook

Produced by:

Pam Coats


• It motivates one to follow one’s heart and listen to the deeper inner voice
• Motivates one to do what is right at a particular point of time
• Motivates one to take risk for the betterment of family and oneself

Violence: Few violence scenes are there
Can watch with family: Yes
Intimacy scenes: None
Objectionable scenes: None
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: English
Ratings on motivational part: *****

Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok