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Career in Event Management

Events take place at different levels:

Personal level:

Events such as birthday parties, wedding parties, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies etc.

Academic level:

School Day, Quiz Competitions, Inter School Competitions, Annual Day, Sports Meets, Inter College meets and fests ,Seminars etc.

Corporate Level:

Annual General meeting, Award Distribution ceremonies, Product launches, Conferences, Congresses, Exhibitions, etc.

Cultural level:

Big Festive events, Cultural programs, Religious Events, Social gatherings etc.

Entertainment level:

Fashions shows, Film premieres etc.

Sports level :

Events such as Asian games, Olympics, league matches etc.

Event managers are the people who take up the job to make an event successful and memorable.
If you are a person who has following qualities then you can think of getting into event management field:

•You are a social person with a big social network and are good at public relations .You love interacting with people of all sorts and are really good at it.
Reason: In this field you will be interacting with and dealing with lot of people from different backgrounds, culturally and educationally. Social skills play a very important role as in this field you will be dealing with lot of clients.

•You are a creative person and can think out of box. You have originality in your thoughts .
Reason: In event management you are required to organise events .The more creativity you use the more chances of making the event a success.

•You are a kind of person who can work under pressure and maintain cool of mind.
Reason: In event management you have to constantly work under the pressure of deadlines and need to work up to expectations of the clients.

•You are an organised person.
Reason: In event management you will be organising big events .You will be required to organise all activities and people in a proper manner.

•You are a good manager.
Reason: The event should be properly managed.

•You are a person who has risk taking ability.
Reason: When organizing an event you should always be ready to expect the unexpected.

Tasks of an event manager may include:

•Site identification and site surveying
•Budgeting and cash flow management
•Risk management
•First aid and crowd management
•Procuring any licences required
•Designing and planning the show

Educational background:

Various organisations provide diplomas and degrees in event management.
Various certified courses that can be acquired are:
Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM)
Certified Manager of Exhibits (CME)
Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)
Global Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)
Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP).


Depends upon the company you join and your skill.

A piece of advice :

In this field you will always be better if you start on your own after gaining experience.



Meditation in Motion – Part 1


Tai Chi:

Tai chi is a form of martial art that is often referred to as moving meditation. Tai chi helps you to find balance between your mind and body .It works on the belief that focussing mind fully on movements brings mental peace and relaxation, which in turn helps one in reducing stress and anxiety levels. In addition to developing physical discipline, it helps one to focus his energies in constructive ways.

Tai Chi is a very slow form of workout that involves graceful movements along with proper breathing .It is a rhythmic series of movement with one movement leading to another in a very smooth manner.

Tai chi means directing of life force or energy inside our body. Tai chi has following elements:

•Taolu meaning solo hand and weapons routines/forms
•Neigong and qigong meaning breathing, movement and awareness exercises and meditation
•Tuishou meaning response drills
•Sanshou meaning self defence techniques

In China, tai chi is categorized under the Wudang grouping of Chinese martial art which is a form of arts concerned with internal power.

Although you can learn Tai Chi from videos ,etc . but, it is always better to learn Tai Chi under a well trained instructor for full benefits. A proper teacher will teach you all the movements along with proper breathing and also teach you how to focus the energies while exercising. Thus, instructor has a great role in imparting proper technique. Anything you learn is useful only if you do it using the right method and technique.