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Reinventing Oneself


What is reinventing?




On death and rebirth of a person, soul is believed to leave the older body and enter a new body in a new environment. Reinventing oneself is the same intense change. Reinventing is not about small changes we bring about in ourselves. It is same as leaving the old “I and me “ and embracing a new “I and me”.

Reinvention is same as evolution of a species. Like human beings evolved with time to be what they are today leaving behind what was not required and not necessary and modified and enhanced what was necessary.


Who can think of reinventing?

When things are not working our way or when we feel nothing is going fine in our lives or in our careers we need to step back and take out a moment with ourselves .We need to think of reinventing ourselves.

Why should one consider to reinvent ?

Time keeps on changing and so do situations around us. We need to constantly reinvent ourselves to keep pace with changing times. People who do not reinvent , stagnate and are left behind.
When you stop swimming in a pool you drown.

How to invent oneself ?

Feel the need for change
First step to reinvention is feeling the need to change oneself.

Visualise the change
Second step to reinvention is to visualise the change you expect to bring about in yourself and in your life.

Implement the change on actual grounds
Third step to reinvention is to start walking on the new path – The path of NEWER SELF and THE CHANGED SELF.

Note: As parents we can help our children to reinvent if we feel they are not succeeding by their way and the door in front of them is closed.


Find a mentor in your life – A viewpoint


Finding a mentor is very important in Life.

Mentor in todays world is same as what we called a MASTER in ancient world.

Mentor is like a propeller in a rocket, as an engine in a train. He is a person who has the capability of looking into the gifts you have with you , the capabilities you have with you and guides your capabilities in right direction. He is a person who has the capability of taking the best out of you and holding you when you fall.

Once you find a right mentor in your life nearly half of your journey on the path of your dreams is achieved.

First Step:

Recognise the area where you require mentoring:
It is very important for you to first recognise the areas where you require mentoring. Probable areas could be

• Life Skills
• Sports
• Studies
• Setting up Business
• Skill Development

Second Step:

Qualities to look for in a mentor:
• He works with sincerity for the cause.
• He is passionate about what he is doing.
• He is ready to put in hard work.
• He may be meeting personal objectives but not at the cost of sacrificing you.
• He is capable of bringing the best out of you.
• He is capable of stopping you when you start wandering away from your goals and path.
• He is capable of providing mentoring in area you require i.e. he has the requisite knowledge of that field.

Third Step:

Finding a mentor:
Mentor can be
• Any one in your close circle (your friends, your relatives, your seniors, your acquaintances).
• Any one who is professional or who is practically working or doing really something good in the field you require mentoring in, so that he can guide you by practical experiences rather than bookish knowledge.
• Mentor can be anyone who wanted to do something great in his life in that particular field where you want mentoring and has not achieved the heights he wanted to, but has that fire inside him to produce somebody great in that field with his experiences.
Note:People who had fire inside them along with the knowledge to do something but have somehow not achieved what they wanted in that particular field ,can take you places because that fire is still alive inside them. You need to have an eagle’s eye to spot such mentors.
• You can look for mentors in the organisation you work for, in the educational institutions you study.
• For business purpose – you can enrol yourself into forums of business people. There you may find people, who have achieved in life and are now coming forward to share their knowledge and experience. It is often seen that people who have achieved in their life and have risen in their life are more than willing to share their experiences. Such people can act as best mentors.

As parents it is very important to connect our children to best people and find a mentor for them.


How to choose a Career

In earlier days people used to work for the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. With the passage of time more complex things came into being and with this complexity , came more complexity into the type of work performed by people. With the advent of gadgets people were required for their designing , manufacturing and maintenance. With the increase in complexity of life situations people were required for administration and maintenance of law and order. So, now at this stage, work is not only required for basic tasks of getting food , clothing and shelter but also for more complex tasks such a designing of aircrafts etc.

Today people have a pool of careers to choose from. Choice of career is very important as it affects the whole life of an individual. So, while choosing our career two questions need to be answered:

Q1.Why should I be choosing this career?
Q2.How this career will affect me?

Following points will guide you to answer these questions for yourself:

Before choosing a career spend some time with yourself and know yourself better:

    Find out for yourself what are your likes and what are your dislikes? What are the areas that interest you?
    What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? Remember ultimately we need to bank on our strengths and not weaknesses.
    What is your sense of security? Are you adventurous and risk taking or you yearn for security in life? Would you like to be your own boss or would you be happy following the leader?

    NOTE: Remember risk and reward are directly proportional .Greater the risk taking ability greater the rewards and vice a versa.

    Where would you like to be in 10 years down the line?

    NOTE: Take a look into the career options with objectivity and see where they will lead you? Do they provide with enough challenges and opportunities for desired growth and development in the career graph?

    Do you have a hobby where in you would like to spend more of your energy and time and mould it into a career for yourself?

    Would you like to work in a fast paced world or would like to do something that moves on a slow pace?


    The choice of career also affects social standing of a person. In a gathering when somebody is introduced as CEO of a company, people guess rest of the things such as his calibre, skills and education from that only. Thus, our career speaks a lot for us.


    The career we choose will ultimately affect our whole life style and being. So, before making a career choice be very clear as to what kind of life you would like to lead.

    When we choose a particular career, we spend major productive chunk of our daily time in a particular type of environment and we tend to work and think in that way in our normal daily lives too. Thus, in which ever field we work it starts becoming a part of our personality. For example, if the individual is in teaching field he will start teaching and giving instructions at home also. A doctor will behave in a peculiar fashion at home also with a more hygienic way of life.

Choice of career should not be a matter of chance or compulsions but it should be long and objectively thought of process.
Always follow your passion. Don’t go for something because it is trendy or because of peer pressure. Remember a useful chunk of our time in this life will be spent working and if we don’t enjoy what we do then we are heading for a torturous life for ourselves.

If in dilemma while taking decision regarding choice of career try talking to people who are already into that career. It may help you.


Success Story – Arunima Sinha

mt everest 3

It is the story of valour and fighting back for life. It is the story that tells us that nothing can stop us but we ourselves. It is the story of an amputated girl Arunima Sinha from India, who scaled the mightiest and most gigantic Mount Everest to become the First Female Amputee to scale Mount Everest.

Two years back tragedy struck this woman , who was a volley ball player at that time. She was thrown out of a moving train by thieves for resisting to chain snatching. One of her legs was crushed by a moving by train. In order to save her life doctors had no choice but to amputate her leg.

“At that time everyone was worried for me. I then realised I had to do something in my life so that people stop looking at me with pity”, Sinha told Indian TV before leaving for the climb.

So, this is really what is required to succeed in life “A never giving up attitude”. However , big the hurdles may come in life the spirit to fight back should never end.

Sinha’s climb was sponsored by The Tata Steel Adventure Foundation and she was trained and guided by Sherpa’s Asian Trekking company in 2012.

Tom Whittaker, a British mountaineer, was the first person with disability(amputated foot) to scale Mount Everest in 1998.

Hats off to Arunima Sinha!!!!
Hats off to Tom Whittaker!!!!
Hats off to people like them who show the courage to fight back and come up !!!!