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Success Story – Chris Rogers


Chris Rogers , an Australian cricketer, has made his maiden Test Century in fourth Ashes match against England to become the second oldest Australian to score maiden Test Century.

This is a story of perseverance and overcoming personal short comings. Chris Rogers suffers from short sightedness and colour blindness. Inspite of the physical constraints put to him by nature he was able to pursue his dream. It took a little too long for him to achieve but he did make it at the age of 36 years. He has become an epitome of hardwork and perseverance.


A little of his background in international debut:

Rogers is a left- handed opening batsman and a right handed leg-breaker bowler of Australia.
In May 2007 he was awarded his first national contract with Cricket Australia. In 2008 he played in the test series -Australia versus India. But, didn’t perform well. He was able to scored only four runs in his first innings of 212 and 15 runs in the second innings. As an aftermath of this his national contract was terminated. After more than five years of long wait since he played his first and only test match for Australia his name appeared in the team of sixteen players selected for Australian Test squad for the 2013 Ashes tour.

What happened after this is known to one and all .

What Chris Rogers had to say when he was selected?

“They see me as someone who can come in and offer something different with all that experience.”
“When the call came through I was absolutely delighted, but at the same time I knew there was a long way to go.”
Rogers conceded he “got a bit down” when selectors continually overlooked him after his one Test.
“When there were 50-50 calls and I missed out, and it seemed the selectors were going in a different direction, I mentioned to a few people I didn’t think I’d ever get a go,” he said.
“A lot of people said to never give up hope, and here I am. It’s pleasing to get one more chance.”

What selection chairman John Inverarity had to tell about Chris Rigers on his selection?

Rogers has scored almost 20,000 first-class runs, with nearly 10,000 made on English pitches, and selection chairman John Inverarity told him he had something unique to offer.

What Chris Rogers had to say after scoring his maiden Test Century?
“I wanted to believe I was good enough but never knew. To get a hundred that’s something that no one can take away from me.”

“It was emotional out there…It was my day today. There were so many things that went my way. You’ve just got to make the most of it and fortunately I did.”

• Physical constraints can be overcome by will power and determination to succeed.
• What matters is perseverance to do something!
• Take failures as the stepping stones and use tough experiences for ones own betterment.
Consider failures as opportunities to work on ones shortcomings and drawbacks.

Hats off to Chris Rogers!!!

Hats off to all people like him who dare to dream inspite of their physical constraints and failures!!!

Hats off to people who dare to pursue their dreams with perseverance!!!


Success Story-Yuvaraj Singh


Yuvaraj Singh, the famous Indian Cricketer, was detected with the life threatening disease CANCER. It came as a shock to him as well as his fans all over. But, he soon composed himself and stood up to fight the deadly disease with great inner strength.

After fighting and overcoming his death, he is seen back into action. He dreams to be back into the Indian Cricket team and is seen sweating and working harder to get his place back. Meanwhile, he has authored the book “The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back “(Random House India, co-authored by Sharda Ugra and Nishant Jeet Arora) which acts as inspiration for millions who are faced by challenges in their lives and dare to take a leap forward inspite of situations going against them.


People who see death so closely know the real value of LIFE. Most of the time we take LIFE for granted and are not aware of what great treasure we have with us, what a great thing it is to lead a NORMAL LIFE. He now claims to be a changed person who values life more than before.

Hats off to Yuvaraj Singh!!!
Hats off to people like him who fight back for life with never giving up attitude and dare to start afresh with renewed vigour!!!


How to keep children busy during Summer Holidays:


Summer holidays is a nice big break for children from their daily routine life. Children have a lot of time in their hand and they don’t know how to spend their time.This time can be best utilized in enhancing their skills along with giving them relaxation. Here are some activities you can look for keeping children busy during holidays:

•You can make your children join a library where they can get a lot of books to read. This will help to inculcate reading habit in them.

•Children can be introduced to photography. They can be taught and encouraged to take out photographs of animals, birds, flowers, nature etc. This will help to develop their interest in photography and they can become amateur photographers.

•Children can be encouraged to make their own comic book or they can be encouraged to author a novel. This can be an early introduction to the world of writing.

•Children can be encouraged to gain some work experience. For example,they can volunteer working in some library where they can maintaining simple record of books people are taking or they can volunteer working in some mall and deal with customers by introducing customers to products and any offers the mall is offering.

•You can take them to theatres, puppet shows or magic shows if any.

•You can introduce cooking activities for them and their friends, where they can share their recipes and try their hands on cooking. They can be made Chefs.This will help to develop culinary skills in children.

•If your children have a lot of collection of books they can run their own library or you can encourage and make a group of their friends who can run a library together.

•You can encourage your children to organize football or cricket matches.

•You along with your children can go on a long cycling adventure trip.

•You can organize mountaineering trip in a group.

•You can organize painting sessions in a group or individually you can encourage your child to paint his imaginations.

•You can arrange story telling sessions for children.

•You can take your children to amusement parks or water parks.

•You can go on a shopping trip with your children and let them handle the budgeting part.

•You can create a sand pit in your garden and introduce them to the world of sand sculptures.

•You can arrange clay for them and introduce them to clay modeling.

•You can introduce them to your holy scriptures.

• You can introduce them to meditation and yoga.

•You can make them join some classes for learning skills such as swimming, karate etc.

•You can arrange salad decoration or dressing competition for children.

•You can encourage children to display their special skills by arranging an exhibition cum sale event.