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Taking Notes – An important way to retain attention in classroom:


Encouraging children to take down notes helps them to retain attention in class and stops their mind from wandering. In fact, when children are taking notes they are taking note of or paying attention to what is being taught in class. Taking notes is different from making notes .Making notes is an activity in which the children make notes to answer specific questions for the exams and is an activity associated with self study. When your child is taking notes he is in fact taking note of and paying attention to what is being taught in the class and is thinking and assimilating the information in writing.
When your child doesn’t takes notes there are greater chances of
• his losing interest in the class
• him loosing on the intricacies of the topic taught by the teacher
• him loosing track of the topics that triggered his thought process
• him being able to keep track of the topics that interested him
• him not being able to keep track of the topics in which he thought he might be delving into more details later on
• loosing on important points which he thought he needs to remember

When taking notes the student adds various add-ons such as question marks , exclamation marks, some figures that trigger his memory of the class when he goes through it later. Sometimes some thoughts get triggered during the class that need more clarification .Taking notes helps your child to keep record of such thoughts and points that need more explanation or clarification from the teacher’s side so that he can go to the teacher later and discuss and get more information and better explanation on it.