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Self Expression is important for personal well being


Each one of us needs to find a way to express himself. Expressing ourselves has a lot to do with our overall well being.

Pent up feelings and unexpressed thoughts start becoming blockages in the path of our progress as well as our mental peace. When we are not able to express ourselves, we feel suffocated .We need to find ways in which we can express ourselves in a meaningful and positive manner. Outlet is very much required for our feelings and thoughts. Once we express ourselves we are at peace with ourselves and we feel very light within .This opens path for optimum use of our capabilities.

Expressing ourselves is as important for our living and leading a peaceful life as food is for our body, as sunlight is for plants, as air is for life.

Some of the Common Reasons for not expressing ourselves:
• Lack of Self Confidence
• Shyness
• Fear of non acceptance by others
• Circumstances don’t allow
• Lack of communications skills or lack of proper means of communication

Whatever be the case, we can always train ourselves to express ourselves in a positive and meaningful manner.

Various Ways of Self Expression that can be looked into are:
• Art and creativity is a good way to express ourselves. Great painters, sculptors and designers over time have been able to express their thought process through their art work. Whatever you feel can be put in the form of art.
• Writing is a very powerful tool of self expression. Writing is strongly recommended as a way to put your thoughts and feelings in words. Writing should become a habit for us. We can maintain a personal dairy where in we can write whatever we feel about.
• Dance is also a way of self expression. You can always express yourself through the form of dance.
• Singing is another way of self expression.
• Talk yourself out.
• Teaching can also be considered as a way to express yourself.


-> As parents you may look into helping your children in finding ways to express themselves.
->As a grown up you may yourself look into ways you can express yourself meaningfully.