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Success Story – Aiyesha Farooq


Aiyesha Farooq has become the first combat-ready female fighter pilot in Pakistan.

She was at loggerheads with her widowed and uneducated mother when she wanted to join airforce seven years ago. She hails from a society where girls don’t even think of doing things such as flying aircraft. She came up and stood against all odds and barriers of Pakistan’s conservative society and taboos attached with it and made this choice for her.

She stood up for her beliefs and dreams and is an icon for everyone who dares to stand up for his beliefs and dreams. She has chartered a path for others to follow — A path of DIGNITY and SELF RELIANCE.

People like her have the power to change the society’s and nation’s way of thinking.

Hats off to Aiyesha Farooq!!!
Hats off to people like her who move into unchartered territories, charting a course for others to follow!!!