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    Dangal is a true story about the making of two Indian Women Wrestlers , Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari from a small village in Haryana , India. Their father , Mahavir Singh Phogat himself being a National Champion in Wrestling always dreamed to get a gold medal for India in the International Arena
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    Sultan is motivational movie about the making of a wrestler. Sultan is a happy go lucky fellow who takes life as a fun and isn’t serious about achieving anything in life.
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    Hawaa Hawaai
    Hawaa Hawaai is a movie about a boy Arjun who moves to big city of Mumbai along with his mother from a small village in Maharashtra. Due to lack of money he is unable to pursue his education and has to find work to fend the family. While doing his work he comes in contact with Skating coach Lucky who is a very dedicated coach
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    Mary Kom
    Mary Kom is a biopic on Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, , India’s ace boxing champion. The movie is the journey of Mary Kom from being a simple village girl to becoming an ace boxing champion .
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    The Karate Kid

    the karate kid

    The Karate kid is a movie about a boy who shifts to a new city with his mother and finds problem in settling down in new city and is troubled by his peers. He finds a good friend in the form of his master who is a simple guy living in his apartment complex .
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    Ferrari Ki Sawaari : MOVIE REVIEW

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a movie about seeing dreams and chasing one’s dreams .

    The movie shows a very sweet and healthy relationship between a father and a son.
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    Bhag Milkha Bhag (meaning Run Milkha Run) – Movie Review
    Bhag Milkha Bhag

    It is a movie inspired by the life of Milkha Singh . Milkha Singh is a veteran Indian athelete. Milkha Singh has won several medals for India in events such as Asian games, Olympics etc. He was given the title of ‘Flying Sikh’ by Pakistan’s then president Ayub Khan after winning an athletic event held there.
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    Chak de! India
    chakde india2

    Chak de ! India is movie about a hockey player Kabir Khan whose team loses the match when the crucial penalty point is in his hands. The media and the public don’t leave him for this and put forth a coloured picture of the scenario. As an aftermath of all this, he has to leave his captaincy and leave the game.
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    Iqbal is a movie about deaf and dumb boy named Iqbal who always dreams to become a successful cricketer. His mother is shown to be cricket enthusiast and a very positive and determined person. In his journey on the road of success
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