Parenting: My personal Space

My personal space

It is often seen that children are given instructions throughout the day from one source or the other. In educational institutions their time tables are fixed and they are required to follow the instructions of tutors. At home they are required to follow the instruction of parents throughout the day. Every time such questions are asked ,”Where are you Tom ? What are you doing? I told you to do this. First finish off this then do something else. Tasks are ready for them to perform one after another.

It is very important to include a time interval during their busy daily schedule , where there are no instructions to be followed nothing needs to be said ,where children are just left with themselves, with their little space to gather their thoughts , to do what they want to do without anybody else instructing them to do what they are doing. This little space, this little time, serves a great purpose of letting them gather their thoughts and connect with their inner selves.

Too much instructing it as bad as too much freedom. Fine balance needs to be maintained between the two. Disciplining is as important as letting one develop one’s own way of leading life. Instructing is important for discipline the child .But , too much of everything is detrimental .Too much instructing is like growing up a robot who always follows the instructions given to him with no space left for his own thought process to develop.

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