Success Story: Jack Ma – Founder and Chairman of Alibaba Group

jack ma

Jack Ma grew up in China in a family with very limited means of income. Growing up poor and being an average child did not deter Jack Ma from following the path of his dreams. He failed in his college entrance exam twice, and was rejected from dozens of jobs, including one at KFC, before finding success with Alibaba.He is the man behind Alibaba, the company that was listed in Wall Street in 2014 and was is news gathering lots of media attention as the offering was set to be the largest tech IPO ever with more than $20 billion of stocks for sale.

Jack Ma’s story can be categorized as true rags to riches story.

Hats off to Jack Ma !!!
Hats off to people like him who dare to dream big and fulfil their dreams !!!
Hats off to people who don’t have wings to fly but have the ability to create their own wings to take the flight !!!

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