How will you handle a specially challenged child?

I happened to chance upon the question, “How will you handle a specially challenged child?” . This question aroused a thought process in me – is it about handling a specially challenged child or is it about bonding with the specially challenged child?

Specially challenged children are not be handled, but , bonded with at a different plane . This was a strong thought that overwhelmed me at that moment . It is a very subtle fact that needs to be understood when dealing with such children.

If the child is specially challenged and is not able to cope up , then we need to bond with that child at a different level of understanding – A level that the child can understand. This bonding is at different plane – a plane common to both the communicator and the child.

Once the bond is developed with such children at a mutually agreeable plane they can come up in life. The key is to catch the rhythm of the child . He is different and he beats the music at a different frequency. We just need to catch that frequency and overlap our music with that frequency so that amplified result can be generated.

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