Duality of Existence

On a casual discussion between two friends, one of them told that there is a lot of politics in every organization I go. It becomes very difficult for me to deal with office politics. The other friend told, I don’t seem to see or face anything like this anywhere I work. The first friend felt a little offended and thought how is it, if I am able to see all this and face so much because of this, she is saying she is unable to see. She thought it was a sarcastic remark.
Then, a few days later, the first friend found the same friend talking about religious intolerance and cross border issues and how they are affecting us and our countrymen. What kind of environment our children are growing in? Then, first friend thought I don’t see all these issues and they seem so trivial. She thought how could someone spend such a valuable time on such unimportant issues.
On pondering, it was realized that all situations are present all time. It depends upon a person what he wants to see or what he is sensitive to or may the situations he is unable to handle. So everything is personal and depends upon oneself. All situations are existent and non-existent at the same time. There is duality in their existence. The part that is visible to one person is, may be the part he is finds difficult to handle or tolerate.
Going one step forward from here, we can infer that may it is possible for a person to make all the situations he finds difficult to handle or tolerate unimportant and non- existent for himself.

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