Platinum Resource – Factors and Multiples Class 5th

Platinum Resource

Factors and Multiples

• When two factors are multiplied the result obtained is called the product or the multiple of the factors.
• Every number is a factor and multiple of itself.
• 1 is the factor of every number
Even Numbers : The numbers which are multiples of two are called even numbers. For eg. 2 , 4 and 6 are even numbers.
Odd Numbers: The numbers which are not the multiples of 2 are called the odd numbers. For eg. 1 and 3 are odd numbers.
Prime Numbers : Numbers which have only two factors 1 and the number itself are called prime numbers
Composite Numbers: Numbers which have more than two factors are called composite numbers
Twin Prime Numbers: Two consecutive prime numbers whose difference is two are called the twin prime numbers.
Co-prime Numbers: Two numbers who have no common other than 1 are called co-prime numbers.
Factorisation: Factorisation is splitting given numbers into its factors.
Prime Factorisation: Splitting given number into its prime factors is called prime factorisation

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